Is LeoVegas Investing in SharedPlay?

leoVegas casino partner with sharedplay
Posted by: top24casinos
Posted on: July 28 2021

Have you ever heard of LeoVegas? Anybody engaged in mobile gaming know about this company. LeoVegas AB is a Swedish company engaged in providing casino online games and sports betting. These games include video slots, table games, video poker, progressive jackpots, and live betting. You can enjoy LeoVegas casino games online when you log in to online casino gaming sites.

LeoVegas casino is a trustworthy site because its games are RNG tested for randomness and, like other legitimate game providers, the company is eCORGA certified. It also has PayPal’s seal of approval. LeoVegas provides casino games online to sites like

Who are LeoVegas and SharedPlay?

What is SharedPlay? SharedPlay is a company that enables players to interact with each other and share their gaming experiences. This is made possible through the industry’s first solution for playing online casino games via multiplayer mode. The company aims at transforming solitary gaming into multiplayer gaming to upgrade the players’ gaming experiences. This makes online casino games more exciting as players can interact with each other as the game progresses.

Because LeoVegas aspires to lead when it comes to the gaming industry, the company is investing in SharedPlay. Investing in SharedPlay will help the company realize its goal of being the most innovative, tech-oriented, and entrepreneurial company in the gaming world.

What are the Effects of Investing via Leo Ventures?

LeoVentures is responsible for facilitating the investments made by LeoVegas. They see to it that the investments of the company are legitimate and protected. LeoVentures makes sure that every investment made by the company increases its strategic value. In other words, SharedPlay is assured of growth and value creation since LeoVegas is investing in the company.

Furthermore, capital will be accelerated, additional knowledge will be acquired, and the business will do good with an expert like LeoVentures behind the investment. LeoVegas’ investment in SharedPlay will allow the venture to grow and realize the value of the venture, giving both companies more opportunities for growth and success.

How Does it Affect the Players?

The effects of the venture on both LeoVegas and Shared Play have been discussed above. But what about the players? How will this venture affect them? Because the gaming experience will be upgraded, more and more people will be attracted to play online casino games, especially those provided by LeoVegas and SharedPlay. The venture will allow players to experience a more realistic setting because they can interact with other players during the game. So if you think online casino gaming does not give a more natural feel to its players, think again.

Players can now share their views and opinions with other players and, at some point, maybe devise strategies for the game. It is as if they are in the same room, facing each other and planning for the game. This takes every online casino player’s gaming experience several steps higher, making the time they spend playing and the money they send worth the experience.

How Does it Affect the Online Casino Operators?

Since the venture will attract more players, naturally, the demand for online casino sites will increase. This is good news for casino operators. This will mean more patrons and, of course, more income for them. Top casino operators are sure to have LeoVegas and SharedPlay as partners. Therefore, players are assured of the best online casino games with the best features for the players. The venture will result in more satisfied customers, making them come back to the casino sites often, spending more time playing and enjoying the games. The result? More income for the casino operators.

How Will Shared Play Benefit from The Investment?

LeoVegas has put in €1.1 million in SharedPlay. LeoVegas will not invest a significant amount if the company does not believe in the capability of SharedPlay and if it will not benefit from the venture. What about SharedPlay? If LeoVegas can benefit from the venture, will it do the same for SharedPlay?

SharedPlay is led by one of the most prominent casino product development and innovation personalities, Karolina Pelc. It was founded in 2020 to build the most challenging casino games by making them more social. SharedPlay considers LeoVegas a dream partner. In other words, they take the venture as something that will bring out the best in their company. They share the same passion and loyalty in the innovation and development of online casino gaming to give players the best gaming experience. With the venture, SharedPlay will be able to realize its goal and grow at the same time.

Winding Up

Not all business ventures are successful. It might be because of incompatibility or wrong choices and decisions made. However, the move of LeoVegas to invest in SharedPlay is a success. Not only will the venture help both companies grow and dominate the casino gaming world, but it will also help them put into reality their passion and drive to innovate and develop games for casino players to enjoy. The venture will benefit both companies and will also affect the casino operators and their players in a positive way.