How does Happyluke Reward its Loyal Members?

Happyluke India
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Posted on: July 30 2021

Admit it or not the online casino bonuses are one of the criteria of both sports bettors and online casino players in choosing the best online gaming sites to play at. Nowadays all Indian online casinos and sportsbooks offer sign-up bonuses, deposit bonuses, and betting coupons but not all of them have a Loyalty program. But if you are a member of the Happy luke casino, you can get promotions right after your very first wager.

You read that right! Unlike other Indian casinos, you just create an account, deposit the amount, and play your favorite games. As long as you continue playing at this gaming site, you can increase your level and earn bigger rewards.

Sounds interesting right? let’s discuss the Happyluke Loyalty Program and VIP club promotion in detail here.

Claim more bonuses at Happyluke loyalty program

The loyalty program is only one of the online casino promotions you can enjoy if you choose to play in an Indian casino. As the name suggests, the program aims to rewards loyal members.

The policies and terms of a loyalty program vary from one Indian online casino to another. Some online casino websites only handpicked the member who can participate in the program. Only the players who received the invitation can take part in the loyalty program. On other sites, the members can send an application to the operator. The member who spends a lot of time and money in the casino has more chance of getting approval.

In Happyluke India, getting into the loyalty program is a lot easier. As mentioned, after the account creation player will instantly receive the expert badge, the first level of the Happyluke loyalty program. As the members continuously wagering on the website’s slot and live dealer page, they also gradually increase their level. Keep in mind that no level progression will be activated by wagers made with bonus funds and the bets made in the Table games category.

As you would expect, the higher your level means the higher amount of bonus you can receive.

Happyluke online casino in India has 7 levels in their loyalty program. Starting at level 1, members can advance through different levels in this program: Expert, Master, Legend, Supreme, Elite, All-Star, and Grand Slam.

To step to the next level, members should make monetary deposits. Furthermore, when you pass level 1, you will need to meet the deposit requirement of the online casino in order to maintain your badge. The level is reset at the beginning of each new calendar month.

As you play your favorite games, you’ll earn coins. You can receive up to 8000 coins every month.  You can use the coins you gathered to exchange bonuses at the HappyLuke shop. Here, you can buy  Bonus Spins, deposits bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free bets, cash conversions and so much more.

Happy Luke loyalty shop

Become a member of the VIP club

There is also a VIP club at Happyluke India. This promotion works similarly with the loyalty program but here, only the members who deposited at least three times can join the VIP club. If you stick around and earn more points, you will get invited to a higher VIP level.

Basically, when you are part of the Indian casino’s VIP club, the bonus and perks you can receive have a higher value than the regular players. The members who receive VIP badges are required to accumulate and maintain the required deposit amount.

There are 5 levels in the VIP club. The Iron is the starting level while the Platinum is the highest level. The members at the platinum level enjoy the best perks that Happyluke casino has to offer.

The VIP badge is valid for 3 months and is being updated every January, April, July, and October. Depending on your accumulated deposits, your level can be upgraded, downgraded, or completely removed. All the VIP bonuses have a wagering requirement of 30 times before a withdrawal can be made.

5 different VIP levels of Happyluke

There are five different VIP levels in Happlyluke India. If you meet the qualification in joining the VIP club, you can start at Iron Level and enjoy its perks. As you bet and play more games in Happyluke, your level will gradually increase your VIP level.Iron Bronze and silver Happyluke VIP Level


1. Iron Level

If you get to the Iron level, you can receive a birthday bonus and other special promotions. You can also receive a 0.5% rebate in slot games and 0.35% in live casinos.  Your withdrawal request will also be prioritized thus you can cash out several times faster than the regular players. To maintain your Iron level, you need to reach or maintain INR 11,250,000 within 3 months.

If you managed to advance from Iron to the next level, you can receive an exclusive level-up bonus of INR 1520. Take note that the level-up bonus can only be claimed once after upgrading its current status.

2. Bronze Level

Let say, you advance to the Bronze level. Here, you will receive a Birthday treat, exclusive bonuses, Withdrawal priority, and an exclusive customer support team that will assist you with all your needs on the website. You will also receive a 0.40% rebate when you play live casinos and 0.60 rebates in slots.

To maintain your Bronze badge, you need to accumulate or maintain 18,750,000 quarterly. When you advance to the Silver Level, you will also receive INR 3040.

3. Silver Level

The benefits you can get at Silver Level are almost the same as Bronze Level. You will also receive a Birthday treat, special promotions, withdrawal priority, and VIP concierge. The only difference is that your rebates are slightly higher. If you play live casino you can get 0.45%. If you play online slots, your rebate is 0.70%.

Your Level up bonus is also higher at Silver Level. If it’s your first time getting into this level, you can receive INR INR 5320. However, to maintain your level you need to accumulate INR 33,750, 000 quarterly.

Gold and Platinum level

4. Gold Level

You would definitely want to reach the Gold level because of the bonuses and perks you can earn. But only those members who receive invitations can get into this level. The level up bonus you can receive is INR 15,200. You can expect to receive a huge amount of exclusive bonuses and promotions if you receive this badge. Of course, there’s also a Birthday treat and a VIP concierge.

If you win big, you can also withdraw them instantly. Not to mention, you have a higher withdrawal limit.

5. Platinum Level

The Platinum is the highest level in the Happyuke VIP club. Happyluke said that you can receive the best offer if you reach the Platinum level. You can only receive this badge if the operator sent you an invitation. You could also receive an INR 30, 400 Level up bonus as you advance to this level.

Other perks you can receive are the birthday treat, special promotion, withdrawal priority, VIP concierge, and higher withdrawal limit. You could also get 0.75% live casino rebates and 1% online slot rebates.

To wrap up

Loyalty is highly rewarded at Happy Luke casino. There are two programs you can enjoy if you stick around. You can get coins in your every wager. You can use the accumulated coins to buy bonuses at the shop. At the same time, you can also receive many perks if you managed to get into the VIP Club.