5 of the Top Online Games in India You Can Play at 1xBet

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Posted by: top24casinos
Posted on: October 12 2020

It can be difficult to choose games at an online casino, especially when you’re presented with a vast and colorful game library. That’s why we’re looking at five of the top online games in India that you can play at one of the most popular online casinos on the market; 1xBet India. 1xBet is one of the best online casinos in India, and offers a wide variety of things for you to bet on, from sports, to cockfights, to live casino, and online games.

Listed below are just a few of 1xBet’s many high-quality games. The following come in a wide variety; they could be slots, table games, or other game types more unique to be placed in any mainstream category. They are excellent, lucrative jumping points you can start off with to explore the rest of the casinos’ features. When you play at 1xBet, you can also increase your winnings by making use of their impressive casino bonuses. Read up on the games below, and when you’re done, start playing right away!

Apple of Fortune

Apple of Fortune is thematically based on the popular fairy tale, Snow White. In the game, the player acts as her guide through an enchanted forest. Both you and Princess Snow White are surrounded by apple trees. Some of the apples are poisoned, and some of them are normal. When you pick a normal apple, Snow White rewards you with money. The game is arranged in as a grid with 5 columns and 10 rows, with each section hiding its own apple. If you correctly guess which section has a normal apple, you win money, but a wrong guess will cause you to lose your winnings.

The game is highly unique and easy to figure out. The lower rows are more difficult to win, but offer higher values for wins. Most experts advise using the x1.75 strategy when approaching this game. If you play it right, you have a big chance of walking away with quick cash.


777 is an excellent slot game because of the many features that it provides. Design wise, it’s a high quality, classic slot game with little fuss. What attracts most players to this game is the fact that it has a very high RTP at 97%. As a result, your maximum payout can reach up to a hundred times your initial wager. While progressive, it is not a volatile slot, so there’s little chance of becoming an instant millionaire. However, as previously mentioned, there are a number of features that you can take advantage of to increase your wins. Some of these features include a bonus of up to a whopping 400%. One of its more unique features is the Hold option, which can be activated to lock reels in order to land a specific combination.


Thimbles provides a unique spin on the classic shell game. Three identical containers are placed face down with one precious stone placed underneath one of them. Your job is to guess which container the stone is hiding under. Your initial bet, if successful, will be multiplied by 2.88. If you play with two balls, the bets will be multiplied by 1.44 each.

Thimbles has been certified time and time again for its randomness, which makes it an extremely fair betting game. The graphics are simple but eyecatching. It’s very easy to get immersed in the game and stay entertained for a long time.

Money Wheel

Wheel of Fortune type games are not only fun in variety shows, but in online casinos as well. Money Wheel is a vertical wheel that is desigend with a four point stopper and peg on top. A simple game with only 7 symbols, it has relatively low volatility and thus should not scare off new or casual bettors. The symbols correspond with different payout rates. Similar to blackjack, all you have to do is place bets on markers, spin the wheel, and cross your fingers until the results come in.

Money wheel has a maximum RTP of 92%, and is considerably flexible as it can please both high rollers, low wager gamblers, or just average sized bettors. It’s definitely worth checking out for a fun and simple game.

Heads or Tails

A simple game of heads or tails is one of the oldest and most common games of chance in world history. At 1xBet, you can enjoy a classic game of chance with their virtual Heads or Tails, which allows you to place stakes on the outcome of the digital coin toss. You can either play with a fixed stake or double your bet, depending on your playing style. The game’s beauty lies precisely in its simplicity. It’s easy to understand, which makes it easier to know how much to gamble.