How to Bet on IPL Cricket Game at 10 Cric Casino

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Posted on: July 02 2021

What is cricket? Cricket is a game that makes use of a bat and a ball. The game consists of two teams of eleven players playing against each other on a field. At the center is a 22-yard pitch and a wicket at each end. Each wicket has two bails balanced on three stumps. Cricket is a popular game in Europe. However, with the help of technology, cricket enthusiasts can now enjoy the game wherever they are; plus, they can also place bets online. How is this possible? Just visit online casino gaming sites like 10Cric Casino, where you can find your favorite e-sports and bet online.

About 10 Cric Casino

10Cric Casino is said to be the best betting site in India when it comes to sports betting. This is also considered to be one of the best cricket betting sites. Indian Premier League (IPL) betting is legal in India. 10Cric Casino is a licensed site that caters to online cricket betting. This site offers players many options like promos, live casinos, sports, online betting, and a lot more. Customer support is always available to assist customers from placing bets to claiming bonuses and promos and a lot more.

Different Indian Premier League (IPL) betting odds

IPL betting odds are usually set before every game. Bets are open up until the start of a scheduled match. Before betting on IPL, you must see to it that you are aware of the statistics and have analyzed such data. Factors like the weather conditions and tracking field must also be considered before placing bets. These factors can help you maximize your IPL betting odds.

The excitement is always at its maximum level on the day of the match. Live Indian Premier League betting odds are also available. Customers registered with 10Cric Casino can participate in live betting as soon as the game starts. However, compared with pre-game betting odds, live IPL betting odds are not stable. In other words, they fluctuate as the game progresses, depending on the scores and injuries. Withdrawals and deposits are made accessible by the mobile app, making the transactions faster to keep up with the odds.

If you are an avid IPL fan, Outright Indian Premier League betting odds are available if you are determined to follow the games up till the end of the season. There are season-end wagers available in this market like the Purple Cap Player, Orange Cap Player, League Favorite Player, and the League Winner.

Online IPL betting odds are available at 10Cric Casino before and during the start of the league. To get the best out of your bets and maximize your chances of winning, make sure you place your bets on legitimate IPL betting sites.

IPL betting promos

10Cric Casino offers some of the best promotions when it comes to the Indian Premier League. They have welcome bonuses that allow you to get a 100% match on your first deposit. What you have to do is log into your account and insert the bonus code WELCOME when you make your first deposit. Aside from that, you will also get 20 free spins on The King slot. However, you must make sure to make your first deposit on your sports account and not on your casino account.

Wait! There’s more! Log into your casino account and get more free sports bets. You can avail of the Casino Welcome Pack promo for bonuses of up to ₹5,000, which you can use for sports betting. Using the codes TOPPLAY1, TOPPLAY2, and TOPPLAY3 when you log in to 10CRIC can give you a total of ₹5,000 free for sports betting. Casino Welcome Bonus can reach up to ₹70,000, which you can use on casino games like scratch cards, slots, and table games. Codes change every week. So make sure you are updated with these changes. Exclusive promos are also available to all of the site’s customers. You just have to contact customer support and select “Bonuses” then “Special Offers,” and their agents will help you personalize your promos.

To Wind Up

Online casino games will never be complete without the placing of bets. A majority of online casino goers play to win; hence, bets are always a part of the game. This is also true with online sports. Despite community restrictions, sports enthusiasts can still bet on their favorite teams and enjoy live matches online. There are a lot of ways to bet on sports online. However, the most popular method is to log into online casino gaming sites that offer E-sports as part of their roster of casino games. However, it is always advised that before placing bets, make sure that the site you are logging into is legitimate. Then see to it that you are armed with enough information and data about the game you are planning to bet on. Statistics, venue, and weather conditions play significant roles that can affect the game’s outcome and your bets, too.