Will You Play Online Casino Games Like the Last Chance Saloon?

Last Chance Saloon
Posted by: top24casinos
Posted on: February 16 2022

A lot of casino players today have turned to online casino gambling because of the convenience that playing casino games online gives. Because of technological innovations, casino lovers do not need to waste time and money to play at land-based casinos and be exposed to different kinds of risks. Players can now enjoy casino games online in the comfort and safety of their homes.

Casino games online are available in different types and varieties. An Indian casino, for instance, can offer thousands of online casino games from top-notch software providers. These include slots, live casino games, online sports betting, and a lot more. Among the most frequently played are slot games. These types of casino games are easy to play because they have rules that are easy to understand and follow. 

However, with the thousands of slot games available online today, players might find it hard to choose which games to play. Game reviews are available online to help them make decisions. This is one of those game reviews. In this article, we will be digging deeper into an online slot game from Red Tiger called the Last Chance Saloon.

Taking a chance with the Last Chance Saloon

The Wild West will once again set your guns smoking as you take a chance at the Last Chance Saloon. This online video slot game is inspired by the Wild West in the 19th Century setting, with the common name for bars called “The Last Chance Saloon.” Bars with this name during those times meant that drinking was prohibited and that alcohol, in any form, was not easy to acquire.

The Last Chance Saloon is a video slot game with five reels and four rows. It has 30 fixed paylines with a Wild West theme and setting. This game has high volatility with an RTP of 95.79%. It has several features which can give players the chance to increase their winnings when activated.

Last Chance Saloon

Its display, graphics, and music

The Wild West setting of the game transports players back to the time when cowboys were everywhere and guns were ordinary things to carry. Its graphics are okay, but it has a certain air of excitement and mystery that makes it attractive to people who want to play casino slots online.

On the display, you will find saloon doors swinging with cowboy accessories hanging on the wall on either side of the door. Activating the free spins feature will bring players to a structure with a table where things that an outlaw needs laying out on top. These things include a gun, bullets, whiskey, cash, cards, and a hat. Completing the scene is its excellent stripped-down music that goes well with the game and blends in with the action.

How it works

If you often play online casino games like slots, then you are probably familiar with how online slots work. First, select your bets, then press the spin button to make the reels spin and wait if you land a winning combination. This is also how the Last Chance Saloon video slot game works. Players must land winning combinations to win. The amount of a player’s winnings will depend on the amount of his bet.

How to win

The Wild West is known for its bars and saloons where cowboys drink and gamble. The Last Chance Saloon online slot game has symbols that are connected to this scenario. There are several ways to win in this online slot game. Landing three identical symbols on a single payline will mean a coin win for the player. There are low-paying symbols made up of the royals: J, Q, K, and A. Other symbols are dice, playing cards, Bars, bullets, and Sevens. These are the high-paying symbols. Five premium symbols look like they are covered with wheat. Getting five identical premium symbols can pay up to two to 5 times the bet.

Its features

The Last Chance Saloon online slot game has several features that can increase a player’s winnings. Of course, it has free spins. The game also comes with:

  • Coin multipliers
  • Double or Nothing
  • Second Chance Feature
  • Bullet Spins

Coin Multipliers

The Coin multiplier feature is triggered by the wild symbol. In this game, the wild symbol is the Coins. It can substitute other paying symbols to form a winning combination. These symbols appear on the middle reel only and come with a win multiplier at the back. How does the Coin work? If this symbol lands on a pay line, it flips. However, a coin has two sides. It can have a value of up to 50x the bet. In this case, the sides of the Coin are its multiplier or non-multiplier side.

Double or Nothing

This feature may be used after the bullet Spins feature. In the Double or Nothing feature, the player can collect his winnings from the Bullet Spins or gamble. If the player chooses to gamble, a coin with a “double” side and a blank side Is flipped. If the coin falls on the “double” side, the prize money is doubled. However, if it falls on the blank side, the player will not win anything.

Second Chance Feature

The Second Chance feature may be activated if the coins flipped in the base game were not awarded a multiplier. In this case, the coins are flipped to the multiplier side. The Second Chance feature may also be used in the Double or Nothing feature.

Bullet Spins

Landing three bullet symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 awards 6 to 8 free Bullet Spins. In the Bullet Spins feature, the player is guaranteed of landing at least one Coin symbol on the main reel. If a multiplier is awarded to a coin, it is added to the overall win multiplier applicable to all win lines. This feature is reset if the free spins end. It is not possible to retrigger the Bullet Spins feature because scatters do not appear while the feature is activated.

Last Chance Saloon

To wrap up

Players play online casino games to be entertained and to win. With the thousands of online casino games available at an Indian casino and other casinos in different parts of the world, players are given more options to have fun and win big. Slots are the easiest online casino games to play. Aside from that, slots can provide players with attractive winnings, too. The Last Chance Saloon is one of those online slot games that can make every player’s online casino gambling experience enjoyable and rewarding.