Will Players Get Gigantic Wins in Gigantoonz Online Casino Game?

gigantoonz slot game
Posted by: top24casinos
Posted on: March 01 2022

The best online casino websites are going all out to provide players with the best online casino games and offers. This is their way of keeping up with the tight competition and keeping their place in the online casino industry. 

 Online casinos offer different casino game types. They have live casino online games, sports betting, fishing games, lottery, bingo, and a lot more. However, the most popular casino game type is online slots. But with the thousands of online slots available at the best casino websites today, players may find it a bit hard to find a game that will suit them.

This is the reason why you will find casino and game reviews on the internet. Reviews are there to guide and help players get to know the casinos and games better so that they will get to know the games better and have an idea of what to expect from the casinos or the games. This article will help players better understand an online slot game called Gigantoonz and see if its rewards are as gigantic as its title.  

Adorable giants of the reels

What is Gigantoonz? Gigantoonz is an online slot game from Play’n GO that combines two previous releases of Play’n GO called Reactoonz 2 and Dr. Toon. However, there are several differences between these game titles. These are:

  • Gigantoonz has an enormous field at 8×8 and needs more than six symbols clustered to form a winning combination.
  • Another difference is Gigantoonz has giant characters. These symbols can increase to 7×7 in size.
  • Gigantoonz has fewer features compared with Dr. Toon and Reactoonz 2.

Game details

Gigantoonz was released by Play’n Go on January 27, 2022. It is highly volatile, with an RTP of 96.25%. The wild symbol is available in this slot game, but there is no scatter symbol. The minimum bet is 0.20, and the maximum bet is 100. The maximum win can be up to x4000. There are no bonus games in this game, but it comes with free spins, multipliers, and an autoplay option.

It features colossal symbols, monsters, cluster pays, random wilds, mega symbols, symbol swap, collect symbols and multipliers.

Its design and gameplay

Gigantoonz is one of those online slots that has made it to the roster on the best online casino websites. Despite its simplicity, its gameplay can give players an indescribable thrill, making their experience with this casino game type exciting.

The game is simple with its colorful “little” giants ogling their eyes from their reels. Talking about artwork and graphics, they come with high quality, assuring players that they get a casino game that has spectacular graphics and animation and a unique but colorful display. But wait until you land a winning combination and transform these little giants into mega Gargatoonz symbols! You will be filling your pockets with winnings then!

gigantoonz slot game

Game features

Although the game has fewer features compared to Dr. Toonz and Reactoonz 2, Gigantoonz’s features can be very lucrative to players who love to play a less complicated online casino game. These features can increase a player’s winnings.

The Quantum Wilds

Between 5 to 10 Quantum Wilds may appear on the reels on any spin that does not have a winning combination. The Quantum Wilds can replace other symbols to form a winning combo.

The Mega Symbols

Mega Symbols refer to those gigantic symbols that appear on the reels. Their sizes can range from 2×2 to 7×7. Mega Symbols are formed when six matching symbols are clustered. A mega symbol is counted as one symbol. A randomized number (up to 13) determines the cluster value of the mega symbol. A wild is left on the grid when the winning mega symbol is removed. Spaces below the mega symbol are filled with its 1×1 versions if the mega symbol cannot drop down.


On the Quantumeter, every winning symbol is equivalent to 1 charge. However, the cluster value of the mega symbol increases. Filling the Quantumeter with its maximum 100 charges will trigger modifiers. These modifiers are:

  • Disintegration: instances on four randomly picked symbols are removed by collecting 25 charges on the Quantumeter.
  • Metamorphosis: a symbol, including mega symbols, is transformed into a new icon by collecting 50 charges.
  • Radiation: 2 to 5 Quantum Wilds and 1 to 4 mega symbols are added in random positions on the reels by collecting 75 charges.
  • The Gargantoonz Modifier: is triggered by collecting 100 charges. This feature works in two steps. In the first step, all the mega symbols are converted into mega Gargantoonz. Players are guaranteed that at least three mega Gargantoonz will make their appearance on the reels. Also appearing on the reels are at least two to four 1×1 Gargantoonz. Note that Mega Gargantoonz does not disappear with wins. In The second step, mega Gargantoonz transforms into its 1×1 versions and are treated as regular symbols.

gigantoonz slot game 3

All circumstances have been considered

Gigantoonz is an online casino game that players who love innovative and conventional elements would choose. Although it does not have a lot of features, the base game can be exciting and entertaining. However, it is made more fun and rewarding when its features like the Quantum Wilds, Mega Symbols, and Quantumeter are activated. Players will be transported to a whole new level when these features are triggered. Its RTP of 96.25% and high volatility provide players with an impressive online gaming experience. Play’n Go has once again proven that the complexity of a game is not a guarantee that it will be exciting and rewarding for players. Gigantoonz is proof that despite a game’s simplicity, regardless of whether it has remarkable features and impressive graphics or not, it can still be fun and entertaining to players. Play’n Go shows that an online slot as simple as Gigantoonz can make it on the roster of the best online casino websites and capture the hearts of online slot lovers. So, enjoy a less complicated and stress-free form of entertainment and collect huge rewards with Gigantoonz now!