Slot Review: Meet the Boss of Slots at El Patron

El Patron slot at Indian casinos
Posted by: top24casinos
Posted on: March 25 2022

A lot of casino lovers now play their favorite casino games online as the number of Indian casinos and casinos worldwide continues to increase. People play on these casino websites because of the safety, security, and convenience that they get from them. In addition to this, online casinos are rewarding and offer a wide array of games for players.

The popularity of online casino gambling has reached unimaginable heights, paving the way for more online casinos. Players are advised to refer to the best online casino reviews, so they will be assured of playing with legitimate casinos.

Players in India can enjoy the best games at Indian casinos. These games include fishing games, cricket betting online, slots, lottery, baccarat, blackjack, roulette casino game, and a lot more. However, the most popular are online slots, and we will be reviewing an online slot game from Stakelogic called El Patron.

Meeting El Patron

Who is El Patron? Actually, it is a “what” and not a “who” because El Patron is an online slot game from Stakelogic, which was released on February 24, 2022. This highly volatile game has an RTP of 95.86% with wild and scatter symbols and other rewarding features. El Patron has a 5×5 grid layout with 25 betways, a maximum win of 25000x, a minimum of 0.10, and 50 maximum bet.

El Patron has made it to the roster of the best casinos worldwide, including Indian casinos, due to the fact that it has one of the best gameplays and visuals. It has attracted players who favor gameplay with both innovative and conventional features to it. Aside from this, the game promises its players big wins and a rich and exciting online gambling adventure.

El Patron slot at Indian casinos

The Boss and its details

El Patron or The Boss has a unique design for its display and grid. Aside from the usual reels, there is are rows above and below the base game that add excitement to the game. Players can get extra rewards from the bandits on these rows when they come to life.

You will find exciting symbols on the reels and impressive graphics, too. Its symbols are impressive that include:

  • Knife 
  • Brass Knuckle 
  • Cigar
  • Gun
  • Whiskey
  • Green Gangster
  • Blue Gangster
  • Red Gangster

The storyline of El Patron is focused on the life of Latin America’s gangs and cartels. It is inspired by the story of Joaquin Guzman, popularly known as “El Chapo.” The game is filled with action and features which can help players win rewards on every spin.

The Boss’ features

Free Spins are common among online slot games, and El Patron is no exception. It has two extra rows above and below the grid. The top row has Action Symbols, while the bottom row holds the wilds feature. Once these two rows align, they activate the wild multipliers (up to x5), expanding wilds, or the respins with dropping wilds. Players can also use the Gamble option to get bigger winnings. In the Free spins feature, players have the chance of getting these extra features: Wild, Multipliers Wilds, and Sticky Wilds.

This mobile-compatible online slot game also has a Buy feature to be guaranteed of getting free games on the next spin. Even when betting, players get to be rewarded through the side bet options. Side bets include the Buy feature and a Super Stake, which doubles the player’s bet and increases the odds to trigger free games.

El Patron slot at Indian casinos

Its symbols and their equivalent values

The symbols that adorn the reels of El Patron are all connected to the story and theme of the game that represent the exciting but dangerous life of gangs and cartels. Below are the symbols of the game and their equivalent values:

  • Red Gangster: 5 = x10; 4 = x2; 3 = x1
  • Blue Gangster: 5 = 5x; 4 = 1.5x; 3 = 0.8x
  • Green Gangster: 5 = x2; 4 = x1.2; 3 = x0.6
  • Whiskey Bottle: 5 = x1.5; 4 = x1; 3 = x0.5
  • Gun: 5 = x1.2; 4 = x0.8; 3 = x0.4
  • Brass Knuckle: 5 = x1; 4 = x0.6; 3 = x0.3
  • Cigar: 5 = x0.8; 4 = x0.4; 3 = x0.2
  • Knife: 5 = x0.4; 4 = x0.2; 3 = x0.1
  • Wild
  • Scatter (Golden Bullet)

How to conquer El Patron

Slot games are easy to play because of their simple gameplay and rules that are easy to follow and understand. Unlike cricket betting online and other more complicated online casino games, slots do not need strategies or skills for players to win. However, they have some tips and tricks that slot players must keep up their sleeves.

In the case of El Patron and other online slots, for that matter, study the game. There are demo versions of slot games online that players can play for free and practice on until they get the hang of the game. Then read slot reviews. This will help you understand the game better.

Then, be wise in making decisions, especially when it comes to placing your bets. Watch out for slots with a total bet indicator. This will help you monitor your casino account balance. Do not just focus on the minimum and maximum bets. Check on the total bet, too.

Finally, have fun. The objective of every online casino game, including El Patron, is to help players have fun and earn money on the side. If you are enjoying the game and having fun with it, chances are you will radiate positivity and may magnetize Lady Luck to your side and win big.

El Patron slot at Indian casinos

To wrap it all up

El Patron is an action-packed online slot game that can stir the adventurer side of a player. It has spectacular graphics, visuals, and sounds that make the game attractive to players. Aside from that, it has realistic effects, even a machine gun firing on the reels, that adds excitement to the game. Its features can help players increase their winnings and give them the chance to take home a considerable amount if they get lucky. El Patron, despite being new, has made a name in online gambling and is one of the popular titles in Indian casinos and sites all over the world. Playing with The Boss is worth the time and the money, especially if you dig action and excitement in an online slot game.