Slot Review: Feel the Heat of the Mayan Blaze and Win Big

Mayan Blaze online slot
Posted by: top24casinos
Posted on: June 01 2022

Are you aware that playing casino online games can be relaxing and fun? There are thousands of games today, with the list dominated by online slot games. Slots have rules that are easy to follow, making them easier to play. 

Getting to know Mayan Blaze

Mayan Blaze is a video slot game developed by game provider Ruby Play. It was released on April 9, 2022, in a 5×3 grid layout with 30 betways. The game has an RTP of 96.4%, medium variance, and a hit frequency of 32.6.

Mayan Blaze has HTML5 and JS technology and combines traditional and innovative elements to give its players an unforgettable online slot adventure. The game is inspired by the ancient civilization, with its display adorned with objects connected with the Mayan and Aztec cultures. The minimum bet required in the game is 0.2, and the maximum is 200. 

Its symbols and their payouts

  • Pyramid: Wild symbol
  • Mayan Chief: 5 = 0.40x; 4 = 0.20x; 3 = 0.10x
  • Mayan Princess: 5 = 0.24x; 4 = 0.12x; 3 = 0.04x
  • Leopard: 0.24x; 4 = 0.12x; 3 = 0.04x
  • Monkey: 5 = 0.16x; 4 = 0.08x; 3 = 0.03x
  • Dragon: 5 = 0.16x; 4 = 0.08x; 3 = 0.03x
  • A: 5 = 0.10x; 4 = 0.05x; 3 = 0.01x
  • K: 5 = 0.10x; 4 = 0.05x; ,3 = 0.01x
  • Q: 5 = 0.10x; 4 = 0.05x; 3 = 0.01x
  • J: 5 = 0.10x; 4 = 0.05x; 3 = 0.01x

Mayan Blaze slot symbols

Its features

Most online slots come with Wild and Scatter symbols, a twist that sets them apart from traditional slot machines. Mayan Blaze is no exception. The Wild symbol is always there to take the place of other icons except for the Scatter. Then there are the Mystery Symbols. Let us find out more about these features and more.

The Free Spins

There are three types of Free Spins in Mayan Blaze. One type is the Free Games, where you get additional Moon and Sun symbols. Then there is the Gold Free Games, where a reel is transformed into a Wild reel and puts other Prize symbols. Finally, there is the Diamond Free Spins, where the only symbols that will appear on the reels are the Bonus and Prize symbols.

The Mystery Symbols

The Mystery symbols can change into identical symbols randomly. These symbols from different reels can transform into similar or different symbols.

The Ruby Collection and the Prize Features

In the Ruby Collection feature, players can win coins and use them to buy a bonus feature. On the other hand, the Prize feature works when an activator symbol lands on the fifth reel, activating all the visible prize symbols whose equivalent values are added to the player’s winnings.

The Buy Feature

The Buy Feature is always an option for those players who do not have the patience to wait for features to be activated naturally. They have the option to buy a feature for a specific amount that is based on their bet.

Mayan Blaze slot win

How it works

Slots are easy to play; that is why they have become popular among casino players. Its control and function buttons are easy to use. First, familiarize yourself with the rules, the symbols, and the paytable. You will find all these when you click the “i” button on the display, located beside the total bet. Throw in the features to complete the information. All the buttons you need for playing are all located on the display, strategically located so they will be easily accessible to players.

With this done, choose your bet. After placing your bet, click the spin button and wait to determine if you land winning combinations once the reels stop. Pray that luck favors you so you can collect winnings that will blow your mind, especially if the game’s features are triggered.


  • It has medium volatility and a passable RTP of 96.4%.
  • Its bonus features include different types of free spins.


  • It has a very common theme.

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