Slot Review: Be Part of the Excitement at the High Street Heist

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Posted by: top24casinos
Posted on: May 25 2022

The best online casino websites are keeping up with the increasing popularity of online gambling by upgrading their products and services. A way of accomplishing this is by including more games on their roster. Among the favorite of players are online slot games.

Slot games have less complicated rules and are easy to play. In this regard, Indian online casinos have added more slot games to their roster to give their players more choices—however, this created confusion among players, especially in finding the suitable game for them. To make the player’s slot-hunting easier, there are slot reviews available online, especially on legitimate casino websites.

Let us get to know an online slot game from software developer Quickspin called High Street Heist. Give yourself the chance to experience the excitement of playing on the reels as you take part in this slot adventure.

Getting to know High Street Heist

Quickspin released this online video slot game on March 15, 2022. The game takes place in a high-end part of a commercial district, in a jewelry store where only the rich people can afford to shop. This 5×4 grid slot has 1,024 betways. The two rows in the middle of the grid are covered with glass, and it is the task of the player to smash the glass.

High Street Heist has a high variance and an RTP of 94%, lower than the average RTP of 96%. Its players can place a minimum wager of 0.2 and a maximum of 100. This will give them the chance to win a maximum of up to 20024x the bet.

Its theme, display, and other details

The game is about a robbery of a jewelry store. You will find glass cases with assorted jewelry. Expect to find jewelry, rings in particular, on the reels. The reels are encased in what seems to be a TV monitor, with the jewelry shop in the background.

The graphics and visuals transport players to a scenario in a high-end jewelry shop, where expensive jewelry pieces are on display. What makes this game unique is the glass covering the two middle rows of the reels. Players must break the glass on every spin to win prizes.

Players can enjoy flexible ways to win with High Street Heist. It can range from 32 up to 1,024 ways to win. The game uses HTML5 and JS technology, and you can enjoy the game anytime and anywhere because it is accessible via mobile devices.

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Benefits from the heist

High Street Heist has different features that can make every player’s slot experience rewarding and unforgettable. Let us uncover these features and determine what we can benefit from them.

Break the glass for free spins

This feature is what makes this game unique. The two middle rows of the reels are locked with a thin film of glass at the beginning of every round. These two rows are not evaluated for wins unless the glass is broken during the re-spins. Getting one or more fully stacked identical symbols unlocks all locked positions and gives players an additional spin. If the player breaks the entire glass covering on the reels, reward players with ten Heist Free Spins.

The Heist Free Spins

Breaking the grass covering the two middle rows on the grid can activate the Heist Free Spins feature. This feature begins without the glass cover to lock the reels. It can give players the chance to win with a maximum of 1,024 ways and, at the same time, gradually fill the Heist Meter by landing fully stacked similar symbols on the reels.

The Buy Feature

There is always the option to buy the feature for players who do not have the patience to wait for the Heist Free Spins feature to be activated. However, it will cost them up to x111 of the bet to get a spin that will trigger the Heist Free Spins feature. But, they can always get back what they paid to buy free spins because they will be able to land a lot of winning combinations and win cash.

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Its symbols and paytable

High Street Heist has symbols that include gems, rings, robbers in clown masks, and many more. Let us take a peek at its symbols and paytable:

  • Rose Gold Ring: 3 = 0.1x; 4 = 0.2x; 5 = 0.5x
  • Silver Ring: 3 = 0.1x; 4 = 0.25x; 5 = 0.6x
  • Gold Ring: 3 = 0.15x; 4 = 0.3x; 5 = 0.75x
  • Emerald Ring: 3 = 0.2x; 4 = 0.4x; 5 = 0.9x
  • Ruby Ring: 3 = 0,25x; 4 = 0.5x; 5 = 1x
  • Pink Clown: 3 = 0.5x; 4 = 1x; 5 = 2.5x
  • Green Clown: 3 = 0.6x; 4 = 1.25x; 5 = 3x
  • Yellow Clown: 3 = 0.75; 4 = 1.5x; 5 = 3.75x
  • Red Clown: 3 = 1x; 4 = 2x; 5 = 5x
  • Diamond: 3 = 2.5x; 4 = 5x; 5 = 12.5x

All things considered

High Street Heist does not have a lot of features that, to others, can make the game exciting. However, the game will surprise you because of its unique breaking the glass cover feature. Plus, the free spins you can get can be very rewarding. Experience how it is to be on edge to collect riches as you take part in the adventures of the High Street Heist online slot game.


  • It has a unique glass-breaking respins feature.
  • Its 111x Bonus Buy comes with a possible discount. 
  • Players can win up to 21,160x their bet in the 96.29 % RTP version.
  • It has flexible betways


  • It has adjustable RTP percentages (from a low of 94% to a high of 96.29%).
  • The glass cover blocks a lot of positions and winning options.

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