Shine Bright While Gambling Online with Diamond Fruits Slot

diamond fruits slot
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Posted on: March 17 2022

Many people are in search of ways to entertain themselves safely and conveniently. A solution to this issue is online casino gambling. People can enjoy and have fun in this form of recreation while earning extra money on the side. Gambling online can help players enjoy a safe and secure gambling environment in the comfort of their homes and enjoy features that land-based casinos do not have.

However, this trend has increased the demand for more online casinos and games, making it hard for players to find a legitimate casino and games to play. Players can, however, refer to online casino reviews, where they can discover more about a casino if it offers the best online casino bonus and the games offered. Game reviews can also help players make decisions when it comes to their choice of online casino games.

Also, there are online casino game reviews that can help players learn more about a particular game and find out if it suits them. This article is an example of an online casino game review. Here, we will find out more about an online slot game called Diamond Fruits.

Shiny fruits sparkling like a diamond

Big Time Gaming has once again created another slot game that can make online casino gaming fun, exciting, and rewarding. This game is called Diamond Fruits, one of the best online slots available today.

Diamond Fruits is a 5-reel online slot game with a Cluster Pays feature. The betting range is from .20 to 75 credits per spin. The maximum amount of wins a player can get from the game is x6650, the bet per spin. Diamond Fruits online slot game has an RTP of 96.23%.

Its theme is centered on fruits, with the Blueberry, Pear, Watermelon, and the Diamond as its high-value symbol. Players may enjoy the game anywhere and anytime because it is compatible with Desktop, mobile, and tablet.

diamond fruits slot

Game graphics and display

Big Time Gaming has taken the fruit concept in online slots into innovative heights to add sass and excitement to the game. The game’s visuals are spectacular, although its 3D effects may be dizzying at first. What makes the game unique is its fourth-wall-breaking 3D symbol drops feature. In other words, it does not have the usual spinning reels found on most online slot games and traditional slot machines. 

When players “spin” the reels, the game has the symbol drop and splitting symbols feature. Symbols are removed, and new symbols slide from all directions. The game can be pretty intimidating at first, as players may find this feature unusual, especially if they do not see the classic reels on display. The game can be exciting and rewarding, so let us find out how you can adjust to the flamboyant style of Diamond Fruits and its unique visuals and graphics.

Its sparkling symbols and their values

Bets may be placed from 0.20 to 75.00 credits in Diamond Fruits. Its clusters of matching symbols have the following bet multiplier payouts:

  • Blueberries/Lemons: Cluster of 5 = x0.1; Cluster of 6 = x0.15; Cluster of 7 = x0.20; Cluster of 8 = x0.25; Clusters of 9 to 11 = x0.40; Clusters of 12 to 14 = x1.5; Clusters of 15 to 19 = x3.0; Clusters of 20 to 24 = x4; Clusters of 25 up = x10.
  • Oranges: Cluster of 5 = 0.15x; Cluster of 6 = 0.25x; Cluster of 7 =0.30x; Cluster of 8 = 0.30x; Clusters of 9 to 11 = 0.5x; Clusters of 12 to 14 = 2.0x; Cluster of 15 to 19 = 5.0x; Clusters of 20 to 24 = 10x; Clusters of 25 up = 20x.
  • Pears: Cluster of 5 = x0.15; Cluster of 6 = x0.25; Cluster of 7 = x0.30; Cluster of 8 = x0.30; Clusters of 9 to 11 = x0.50; Clusters of 12 to 14 =-x2.0; Clusters of 15 to 19 = x5.0; Clusters of 20 to 24 = x10.0; Clusters of 25 up = x50.0.
  • Plums: Cluster of 5 = x0.15; Cluster of 6 = x0.25; Cluster of 7 = x0.30; Cluster of 8 = x0.30; Clusters of 9 to 11= x0.50; Clusters of 12 to 14 = x2.0; Clusters of 15 to 19 = x5.0; Clusters of 20 to 24 = x10.0; Clusters of 25 up = x50.0.
  • Watermelon: Cluster of 5 = x0.25; Cluster of 6 = x0.40; Cluster of 7 = x0.50; Cluster of 8 = x0.50; Clusters of 9 to 11 = x1.0; Clusters of 12 to 14 = x4.0; Clusters of 15 to 19 = x10.0; Clusters of 20 to 24 = x20.0; Clusters of 25 up = x50.0.
  • Diamonds: Cluster of 5 = x0.40; Cluster of 6 = x0.75; Cluster of 7 = x1.0; Cluster of 8 = x1.5; Cluster of 9 = x2.0; Clusters of 10 to 11 = x3.0; Clusters of 12 to 14 = x5.0; Clusters of 15 to 19 = x15.0; Clusters of 20 to 24 = x50.0; Clusters of 25 up = x50.0.

diamond fruits slot

Features of the Diamond Fruits slot

Players can win at the Diamond Fruits online slot game by forming clusters of fruit symbols. Matching more than 25 matching symbols in a cluster rewards players with x10 to x15 the bet. Wild symbols can appear anywhere on the reels. Although this symbol can take the place of all the other symbols, the wild symbol does not have any value on its own. It must be part of a feature and complete winning clusters to be valuable. Every spin has 7 to 25 positions comprised of larger icons and four smaller symbols. A player must get a minimum of 5 matching symbols to form a winning cluster.

Another feature of the Diamond Fruits online slot game is the Reactions mechanic, which removes all winning symbols from the grid and turns large symbols into four smaller ones. New symbols slide all directions to fill empty spaces creating chain reaction wins. This is called the Fourway Reactions system.

Then the Wild Cannon feature is activated after three consecutive Reactions and shoots 5 to 15 wild symbols anywhere on the grid. This feature may be triggered in the base game and the bonus round. The Bonus Round may be activated with eight free spins upon getting seven consecutive Reactions during the base game. An extra spin is also awarded to the player for eight or more Reactions. Finally, the game’s progressive multiplier starts at 1x and increases by 1 for every Reaction.

Finally, it may be said

Gambling online is made more fun by casinos that offer the best online casino bonuses and games, especially online slots. However, players must know how to choose their games to have a fun and rewarding online gambling experience. One recommended game is Diamond Fruits, an online slot game from Big Time Gaming with unique but exciting features.