RTP: Understanding Return to Player

Return to Player
Posted by: top24casinos
Posted on: March 31 2020

Online casino players who gamble just to have fun, will most likely look on casino games’ graphics, special effects, or themes of the games.  There is nothing wrong with that. However, if you want to earn real money while playing in an online casino, you should be familiar with casino games’ Return to Player and know how can it affect your winning.

The Return to Player or famously known as Casino RTP or simply RTP is a metric used in the casino industry to find out which game or casino offers the best value. How will RTP help you become a successful gambler? Let’s find out.

What is RTP?

You don’t need to be an expert to know this: not all casino games are equal. Some casino games have more capability of paying higher payout than the others. That is when the online casino RTP comes in. To know which games are the best to play, understanding RTP is one of the first steps you should make.

The RTP online is the percentage that indicates how often a casino game can pay back to its player over a period of time.   You can say that the higher the RTP of the games, means the more chance that players will receive a payout in the long run.

A casino game with 100% RTP offers a player an equal chance of winning to the casino. You won’t find a casino game that has an RTP higher than 100%. If this happens, the casino is actually losing money.

Take note of the word “long-run”.  There is no way for a player to predict when will be the exact winning spin or winning hand will come. In addition to this, there are also other factors that can affect player’s chances of winning such as house edge, Random Number Generator, and hit frequency that will be discussed later in this article.

Take note that the casino RTP is only a theoretical

Let say, a recently-launched slot with an RTP of 96% has 3 initial players and each of those players wager 100 THB. Because of the said factors, not all players can receive 96 THB. There’s a chance that all players will win more than the said amount. there’s also a possibility that all the players who played the game lose all their bets.

RTP Online vs land-based

The concept of online casino RTP works exactly the same as the land-band casino. The only difference is the range or the RTP Score.sed casino. Players in online casinos compete with the global market. This is the reason why it is only normal to find games in online casinos that have higher RTP when compared to the land-based casino. It is not unusual to see RTPs of 80% in the land-based casino, while most online casinos are upwards of 90%.

How to calculate online casino RTP?

The RTP of the games is mostly unveiled by the software provider.

If you want to calculate the game RTP, the formula is:
RTP = (Total amount returned to players) / (Total amount bet by Players)

To calculate the RTP, Divide the total amount returned to players by the total amount bet by the players. The total amount bet by players is the sum of each initial bet for each round by each player.

The amount returned to the player is the net amount the player wins in a round. This actually differs based on the types of casino games.

For table games, the amount bet is not counted in the return, just the net amount won. For slot machines and video poker returns, the original bet is forfeited once it is placed. The amount returned to the player is the amount won based purely on the paytable for the game and the result of the round.

If you don’t want to experience the hustle of calculation, you can also define the game RTP by knowing the house edge. House edge is the flipside of RTP. House edge is the mathematical advantage that the casino game (casino operator) has over the player. To say it simply, it is the assured percentage that a player loses.

So, when you found a slot machine with a 7% house edge, you can assume that the RTP is 93%. You may also say that a casino game with an RTP of 98% has a 2% house edge.

Using very broad brushstrokes the RTP of online casino games breaks down like this:

  • Online Slots – 93-99 percent
  • European Roulette – 97.3 percent
  • American Roulette – 94.7 percent

Frequency Factor  

Though the RTP doesn’t reveal how often you can expect to win, the game can help you decide in which game will suit your gameplay. If you want to know how often will the game pays out, you can look at its win frequency. The win frequency reveals how often the game will payout regardless of the number of RTP.

For a better understanding, let me give you an example. An online slot with an RTP of 97% and a low frequency of payout might only have a winning combo once in ten spins on average.  Another slot with 97% RTP and a higher win frequency slot might have winning combinations once in every three spins on average.

The frequency factor will help the player decide which game suits them the best. Here’s the catch, a game has higher win frequencies pay out more often but in smaller amounts. Casino games with lower frequency don’t give frequent payout, however, when it does, expect a large payout. The best example of this is the lottery game.

Wrap up

While knowing the online casino RTP and win frequency won’t help the players predict when will the game pays out next, it can help the player decide which type of game will suit. This information is usually, published by both operators and software providers. You can also look for game reviews before playing.

If none of these organizations unveiled the RTP score, we suggest to look out for another game to play. It is important for a player to know this kind of information because it will help them make a strategy, especially to the betting part.

To give you an example, it is ideal to bet a smaller amount on those games that have lower win frequencies.