Pick the right slot: which slot machines pay the best?

Pick the right slot which slot machines pay the best
Posted by: top24casinos
Posted on: July 02 2020

While online slots are considered to be one of the most straightforward games in a casino, choosing the right slot might not be that simple. Not all slots are created equal. There are thousands of slot machines online to choose from and if you want to win real cash, you need to know which slot machines have the best odds.

Picking the best slot machines to play is vital if you wanted to be a successful gambler. The good thing is that that there are many ways to tell if a slot machine is hot. This guide will help you tell which slot pays the best.

Slot Payout Rate

No one really knows when will a slot machine reward a payout because of RNG or the Random Number Generator. When this technology is installed inside an online slot or other casino games, the outcomes of every spin will be unpredictable. However, online casino operators and providers give information about the games’ Return to Player (RTP). If you want to know which slot machines pay the best, you should consider this metric in playing.

The RTP is the percentage in which slot produces a payout in the long run. The idea is that slot machines with higher RTP give a better chance for a player to win profits. But there are also other factors that should be considered. One is the hit frequency.

A slot with higher hit frequency produce winning lines more often but expect to have lower payouts. Slots with lower frequency, on the other hand, produce winning lines occasionally but they give bigger payouts.

Consider the tight slot (but play with caution)

We usually refer slot with lower hit frequency as a “tight” game. This so-called can be the best paying slot in an online casino. Why? The good thing about this tight game is that it will not remain tight forever. As many players spin the reels of this slot, it will eventually reach a point where it will produce a good payout.  Sometimes it even happens in a row. When this happens, you would want to be the player who spun reel.

Pick the popular slot

Popular slot games would likely have the best odds than a less popular slot. This is because when a slot game has been getting a lot of attention, they have a better chance of becoming “loose” and offer you results that you want. If many players also play the slot, this means that it has a good reputation. The RNG would less likely to be rigged.

Slots that being played many times also tend to have good bonus game features. These features add excitement while playing. If that’s a progressive slot, the jackpot would increase real quick.

If you would test your luck on a less popular slot game, you may just be wasting money on a slot game that has nothing good to offer you in the way of decent wins.

Slot Volatility

Volatility or Variance is another term you should take note of if you want to play the best-paying slot. This information is usually available at the slot provider page.

There are three elements involved in measuring the variance of the slot:  the frequency of the payouts, the amount paid out, and the game’s level of risk. The idea is that those higher variance slots have a higher risk than the lower variance. Also, High variance slot have a lower frequency. The win comes occasionally but when it does, expect to receive larger payouts.

In choosing the right slot using volatility, you must take consideration of your bankroll. If you have a smaller budget, we suggest picking a low variant slot. On the other hand, if you have a larger budget and enjoy the risk in playing, play medium to high volatility slots.

Choose higher denomination slot

The denomination is the value of each credit played on a particular slot machine. This usually ranges from o.01 to 1. Many experts suggest that slot machines with higher denominations are most likely the ones that can produce a payout. Moreover, the higher the denomination the slots have the higher the payout.

Choose simpler slot

Online slots packed with complicated features don’t have the best odds. Conversely, the odds of those complicated slots aren’t good. Sure, those special features make the game more exciting, but they don’t help get more profits. We suggest picking simple yet popular slot games to get the best odds every time you spin.

The progressives

Which slot machines have the best odds? It is definitely not the progressive slot. But the progressives are the type of slot machines that can pay the best in a casino. How is that possible?

The progressives are the most lucrative type of slot game. In this type of slot, the jackpot continues to increase while a number of players play the game. Many progressive slot in the online casino offers millions as a jackpot.

While this type of slot can change anyone’s life for the better, the progressive jackpot slot isn’t for everyone.

If you are going to play a progressive slot, you need to read the game manual. Take note of the minimum bet required to qualify for the jackpot. Most of the progressive slots require the players to place the maximum bet. If you are determined to play this game, you need to have a good bankroll to back you up.