Enjoy the Music of the Siren Symphony by Playing at Online Casinos in India

siren symphony slot
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Posted on: March 03 2022

Online casinos have become very trending these days. This trend has led to the increase in the number of casinos, bringing forth new online casinos in India and in other countries. Casinos in India offer online casino bonus and promos, which attract online casino players, especially those who prefer online gambling for real money.

Online casinos have become increasingly popular, leading to an increase in their numbers. Casinos in India, for instance, are plentiful, making it hard for players to find one that will give them a safe and secure online gambling environment. Aside from that, there are thousands of online casino games available at existing and new online casinos today. To help players with their online gambling adventure, there are casino and game reviews that players can refer to when choosing online casinos and games to play.

Move to the music of the Siren Symphony

The mystical mermaids are known for their enchanting voices. The voices of these sirens are believed to have magical powers. Reap the fruits of the siren’s magical voice by playing the Siren Symphony slot game from True Lab.

Siren Symphony is a 5-reel 25-payline online slot game. It has very high volatility and an RTP of 96.33%. The maximum sin a player can get in Siren Symphony is x30000 the bet.

siren symphony free spins

More about the game

Siren Symphony is a sequel to another True Lab slot game called Siren Song. Siren Symphony works just like Siren Song because True Lab has stuck with how they created Siren Song and has received positive feedback on the game. However, they added a few touches to Siren Symphony, making the game more exciting and exceeding the expectations of players.

Siren Symphony gameplay 

The game has an underwater scene where mermaids and other sea creatures roam. Siren Symphony’s story is focused on the three sirens named Emerald, Silver, and Crimson. Its gameplay is simple but made more exciting by its three different free spins modes. Its features also include the Helm of Fortune and the option for players to buy the free spins bonus instantly. The Siren Symphony slot has a demo version that players can use to study the game and get the hang of it. Players can play with the demo game and test its features to find out if they find these features exciting and can help them collect more winnings.

Siren Symphony accessibility

True Lab’s Siren Symphony slot game is accessible via desktop and mobile. Because of this, more people can have access to this online slot regardless of where they are. In addition to this, since it has a mobile version, players can enjoy the game anywhere they are and anytime convenient to them.

Its features

The Siren Symphony has several exciting features that make the game appealing to a lot of players. These features can help increase players’ winnings so that they can take home more significant prizes. The game has spectacular graphics to go with its features, something for players to look forward to and enjoy.

Siren Symphony’s five reels are packed with impressive symbols that can give lots of prizes and rewards to players who can form winning combinations and trigger bonus features. This is good news to players who turn to online gambling for real money. Its significant features include:

  • Nudging Siren Wilds
  • Scatters
  • Three types of free spins (each one with different modifiers)
  • Helm of Fortune bonus game

Nudging Siren Wilds

The Nudging Siren Wilds can only appear on reels 1,3, and 5 during the paid spins. They are called Nudging Siren Wilds because they may be seen partially on the reels and are nudged into place and completely dominating the reels. The Nudging Siren Wilds can take the place of other symbols, except the scatters.

siren symphony reels


Another feature of the Siren Symphony online slot game is the Scatters. Like the Nudging Siren Wilds, the Scatters can only appear on reels 1, 3, and 5. The player must land three scatter symbols to activate the game’s free spins feature. In the free spins, the player has three options to choose from. However, the free spins cannot be retriggered.

Three types of free spins

What makes the Siren Symphony unique from other online slot games offered by casinos in India and other parts of the world are its three types of free spins. Landing three scatters on reels 1, 3, and 5 will trigger the free spins feature. The three types of free spin options players can choose from are:

  • Emerald Free Spins – this option awards players with ten free spins. The Emerald Free Spins uses sticky Skull Wilds. In other words, they remain in place so that they can help players form more new winning combinations. The first 5 Skull Wilds that appear on the reels will get one free spin for every Skull Wild (5 extra spins)
  • Silver Free Spins – 10 free spins are also awarded to players who choose this option. In the Solver Free Spins option, 15 Fish Symbols are added to the reels after every spin. Wins that are not affected by the appearance of new symbols will pay the player again. Multipliers are increased when several Fish Symbols land in the same place on the reels.
  • Crimson Free Spins – In this option, the player is awarded ten free spins, and the Key symbol is added on three reels. Players can collect the Key symbol to be used for a new feature. Every Key the player collects is equivalent to a pick in a bonus game called Crimson Pick & Click. Prizes for this bonus game include additional keys, multipliers, or up to x500 the bet.

Helm of Fortune

Another significant feature of Siren Symphony that players must watch out for is the Helm of Fortune. This feature is activated after the free spins feature and can pay up to x100 the stake. It can also increase the winnings from the free spins by x10.

helm of fortune

Finally, it may be concluded

What attracts players most to an online casino game is the attractive online casino bonus that a casino offers. New online casinos, most significantly, make it a point to provide the best bonuses and games to players, especially those who love online gambling for real money. Therefore, they offer games like Siren Symphony, which have attractive features that can help players win big and give them the best online casino gambling experience.