LeoVegas Creates Game Studio

Leo Vegas
Posted by: top24casinos
Posted on: June 16 2021

LeoVegas is a mobile gaming group that operates scalable and global brands. It is a provider of the best casino games online. With decades and decades of first-hand experience in the gaming industry, LeoVegas casino games are said to be the one of best when it comes to mobile casino online games.

Digging deeper into LeoVegas

What does LeoVegas have to offer? Aside from the best online casino games, the company gives regular press releases to keep the public updated on the goings-on in the company. In addition to this, for the sake of transparency, the company also gives quarterly reports and presentations, annual sustainability and reports, and a lot more.

The company’s management team has decades and decades of experience from within the iGaming industry. This makes them competent to take on their goals and lead the company forward, creating a more responsible gaming experience for players. Leading the way towards a mobile future, LeVegas is considered to be the king of mobile casinos. In connection with this, LeoVegas launches a new game studio.

Blue Guru Games: a new game studio

LeoVegas creates a game studio called Blue Guru Games. This new game studio was launched through its LeoVentures subsidiary. In this venture, LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group will have an ownership share of 85%. This new game studio will develop games from the experience and knowledge of the experts of LeoVegas and the Group’s own brand. Their goal is to develop and produce at least 20 games within 24 months via Blue Guru Games.

Today, LeoVegas has access to 60 casino game providers. Blue Guru will complement the games from these providers, providing players with a more exciting gaming experience. The first game from this new game studio is set to be released by the end of 2021. LeoVegas will have IP rights to these proprietary games, giving them the chance to decide how the games’ characters will be used.

Creating a new game studio is a way for LeoVegas to control a significant share of the value chain of the gaming world in a cost-effective way.

Reason for creating a new game studio

LeoVegas has been creating online casino games exclusively for a long time. The company has been creating games for years with the help of external suppliers. However, the company thinks that now is the right time for them to start developing games on their own. Their experts have adequate knowledge and experience for this endeavor. However, to realize this plan, the company believes that creating a new game studio will be a wise move. The new game studio will allow them to innovate and create games that will surely meet the standards of their customers.

Blue Guru aims at creating all kinds of games that players of any type will easily have access to and enjoy. In addition to this, the games must be unique in their own way, with characters and features that will be identified only with a particular game. They aim to create and develop games that will be understandable to everybody, regardless of what part of the world a player is in. The company believes that uniqueness is the key to make their games attract many players, elevating their company and bringing the online casino operators with them as they wind their way up to success.

The creation of unique games and characters is part of LeoVegas’ marketing strategy. It will give LeoVegas a competitive advantage as they acquire flexibility in producing games. Furthermore, this will give them a continuous revenue flow in time. The company will not only benefit from this revenue flow. The online casino operators, too, will enjoy additional revenue as more people will be encouraged and convinced to play on their sites.

To Wrap Up

With modern technology creeping its way into the modern world, it is visible in our homes, society, and workplaces, and in the gaming world. Or should I say, especially in the gaming world? With the current state the world is in today, many people have turned to online gaming, especially casino games, to entertain themselves and have fun. This has increased the demand for online casino sites. Hence, online casino operators partner with game developers to be able to meet the demands of their customers.

One of these online casino game developers is LeoVegas, which aims at innovating and developing the best games for online casino enthusiasts. Considered to be among the list of the best companies in the gaming industry, the company is dedicated to developing unique games to leave a significant impression on its players and win their loyalty to the company’s games. Players are assured that LeoVegas will continue to develop and give online players games that will make them more exciting as they patronize each game and take their gaming experience several notches higher.