Which Cricket Player Will No Longer Grace the Games at Online Betting Sites?

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Posted on: March 01 2022

Online betting sites in India have become a favorite of many sports lovers. Sports enthusiasts can bet on their favorite sport at the best online gambling sites. They can also root for their favorite team, and of course, their favorite players. Of course, there is always the option for online casino players to bet on different online gambling games other than sports.

Online gambling for real money has become trending because a lot of people who are into sports betting have taken the activity seriously. One sport popular among bettors in India is cricket. Bettors are monitoring everything going on in India’s cricket world. Because of this, they are aware of the latest updates and news in cricket.

The latest news in India’s cricket world

India is a country where people love the sport cricket. They follow the sport closely and are updated with the latest goings-on in the world of cricket. One news that has brought dark clouds over cricket fans is the retirement of one of India’s cricket players Harbhajan Singh. Who is Harbhajan Singh? Why did he retire? Let us discover his journey to success and be with him during his life’s up times and downtimes.

The Life of Harbhajan Singh

Harbhajan Singh was brought forth to the world on the 3rd of July in 1980, in Jalandhar, India. His parents are Sardar Sardev Singh Plaha and Avtar Kaur. He was married to Geeta Basra in 2015, with whom he had two children – Hinaya Heer Plaha and Jovan Veer Singh Plaha.

Let us talk about Harbhajan Singh’s journey through his colorful cricket career. He is a recently-retired Indian cricket player and cricket commentator who played for the Indian national cricket team. He was a specialist spin bowler and played for India between 1998 and 2016.

As a cricket player

He became captain of team Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League. Team Mumbai won the 2011 Champions League Twenty20 when he was captain of the team. He also captained Punjab from 2012 to 2013 for the Ranji trophy season.

In the early part of 1998, Harbhajan Singh made his Test and One Day International (ODI) debuts. However, specific incidents affected his career. But he was once again given a break when Anil Kumble, a leading leg spinner, sustained injuries. Singh was again called to join the team by its captain Sourav Ganguly in 2011.

His ups and downs

Harbhajan Singh’s career had its ups and downs. In the following series, he took a hat-in-the trick in Test Cricket, the first Indian bowler to do so. He also took 32 wickets. In 2003, he was sidelined because of a finger injury but rejoined the team in 2007. However, in early 2008, the International Cricket Council (ICC) banned him because of some issues. However, it was revoked after an appeal. However, he was again banned from the Indian Premier League. He was suspended by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) from the ODI team because of a slapping incident in April 2008.

In the 2011 Cricket World Cup, he became part of the winning team, once again proving his capabilities as an outstanding cricket player. In 2009, he was conferred with India’s fourth highest civilian honor, the Padma Shri.

His retirement

Harbhajan Singh has been in semi-retirement for the past few years since 2016. But he never left the cricket world entirely as he sometimes acted as a commentator for some matches. Harbhajan Singh has had his share of the worst and best times of his career as a cricket player in India. There are always the good times, the bad, and the ugly in every profession. This is what makes life exciting and more exciting for some people.

Bettors who frequent online betting sites are familiar with him because he has contributed a lot to their online gambling for real money adventure. He has had a lot of opportunities to enjoy his glory days, making him famous on the best online gambling sites. However, every story has to come to an end; hence Singh, at 41, has decided that he has reached the end of his story. Much to the disappointment of cricket lovers in India, Harbhajan Singh finally retired from cricket in December 2021, putting closure to India’s Turbanator’s career, and distinguishing the flame that cricket fans always look forward to in his games.

His current life

Although Harbhajan Singh has recently retired from the Indian cricket world, he revealed that he does not regret his decision and does not want to lose touch with the sport. He expressed his desire to be a commentator for the sport or do anything related to cricket. Politics, he said, is out of the question.  

Today, he is entertaining thoughts about being a commentator for cricket, mentoring IPL teams, or even coaching. However, he is still enjoying the peace and quiet of a retired cricket player’s world and said he would come to a decision when the right time comes. So, to his fans in the online cricket betting, expect to see Harbhajan Singh again in the future, not as a player, but probably as a mentor, coach, or commentator.

Taking everything into account

Online cricket betting in India is made more exciting by cricket players like Harbhajan Singh. Unpredictable events due to payer’s performances have made every bettor’s visit to the best online gambling sites something to look forward to, making placing bets more challenging. Although the offers of online betting sites are one of the factors that attract players to cricket betting, it cannot be denied that the players and the teams play significant roles, too. Although Harbhajan Singh has encountered many issues in his cricket career, he has contributed a lot to the sport, making online gambling for real money profitable for cricket bettors. His retirement may have created a gap in this sport, but other players always work hard and give their best at every match they play to make their fans happy. Although Harbhajan Singh has retired as a player, he will continue to be part of the cricket world in India and will contribute a lot to every bettor’s winnings as they bet on cricket at the best online betting sites.