Cricket matches in India to watch: RCB vs KKR

Cricket matches in India
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Posted on: February 03 2021

The Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) are set to face off against the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium in the United Arab Emirates. This Indian Premiere Leauge (IPL) bout will cement the position for the upcoming playoffs for the winning cricket team. With both teams in peak condition, it’s one of the cricket matches in India that you shouldn’t miss. Watching a live cricket match between these two teams promises to be exciting, as well as highly lucrative if the cricket betting scene is involved.

RCB currently ranks fourth in the top half of the league’s table, while KKR is in third. This season, both teams have played six matches with four wins and two losses. Both teams have faced defeat at the hands of Delhi Capitals (DC). Their performances this season make them appear evenly matched, so the game’s outcome will be interesting to speculate on.

Things are looking good for RCB, with RCB skipper Virat Kohl finally making ground this season. Despite a poor start, he contributed greatly to breaking the Chennai Super Kings’ unbeaten 90-run record in RCB’s previous match. He will be going head to head against Pat Cummins from KKR.

Cricket betting tips: RCB vs KKR odds

If you want some crucial cricket betting tips from professional analysts, then here are some important things to know if you’re wagering on the upcoming match. KKR will have only a small margin for error, especially when Virat Kohl is in the picture. Kohl appears to be RCB’s biggest edge over the other team, now that he’s finally begun to come into his own. Other RCB players such as AB de Villiers and Aaron Finch, on the other hand, have not been at their best during recent games, despite a strong start for their individual seasons.

For KKR, their biggest consideration is Andre Russell’s kneee injury, which occured after diving into the advertising board while trying and failing to make a catch. However, Shubman Gill has been faring well at the top with two half centuries thus far. Nitish Rana has also done well in patches. Eoin Morgan’s playing has been volatile, perhaps even to the point of inconsistency. Finally, Skipper Karthik, who has been under heavy criticism for his batting, returns with a 29-ball 58 against KXIP.

KKR currently has better cricket ranking and is favored by most to emerge as the victor. Currently at third compared to RCB’s fourth, KKR has a higher net rate by +0.017. This is significantly better than Kohl and Co’s -0.820. However, if RCB can pull out the stops as they did in their match against the Chennai Super Kings, then we may see them progress even further after their bout against KKR.

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