Cricket Online Betting in India

Cricket is one of the oldest sports and perhaps the most appealing one for players. The proof is the number of Indians who flock to the sport to place their bets on cricket online betting in India. The number of players in India who are participating in cricket online betting is growing exponentially every day.

If you are on this page, odds are you are interested in this game yourself but don’t know how cricket betting works or where to start, or maybe you already placed a wager on a live cricket match before, but you feel like you’re missing something. Don’t fret, we are here to help you out. We made this cricket betting guide to help all bettors of all levels win more money.

Our cricket betting guide will cover all the things you need to know in placing a bet on the sport. Whether you are a new curious bettor or an experienced sports wager, this betting guide contains information, betting tips, strategy, and more, which will give you odds on winning cricket betting In India.

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Cricket Rules and regulation

Like in any gambling game, you can’t expect to win real money if you don’t know the cricket rules and regulations.

For starters, a cricket game is played by two teams with 11 players. There will be a batting team and a fielding team. The batting team can score when the batsmen run to each other’s end of the pitch. One equates to one score. According to the cricket rules, batsmen can also make multiple runs per shot.

Another way to score is by hitting the boundaries. When the batsman hits the ball and passes the boundary after hitting the ground, their team will be rewarded with 4 points. Moreover, when the batsmen hit the ball and passed the boundary without hitting the ground, their team will be rewarded with 6 points. In accordance with the cricket rules and regulations, the batsmen who scored 6 or 4 don’t need to run.

For the fielding team, on the other hand, their goal is to bowl or hit the wicket of ten batsmen. When they manage to do this, it will end the batting team’s innings. Once all the 10 members are bowled out, the second team will then become the batting team.  The team with the higher score at the end of the game will win the cricket match.

There’s another exception though in cricket rules. When the first team makes at least 200 runs more than the second team made, the team can allow the other team to bat. This is usually done in the test match cricket. This scenario is called follow-on.

There are three formats of cricket games being played on the international scene. These are the test match, One Day Internationals, and the Twent20 international.

The test match cricket is the traditional format that is usually played in five days and comprises two innings. The One Day International also known as ODIS is a one-inning match with 50 overs per side.  Finally, the twenty20 or T20 cricket match has 20 overs per side and only lasts for three hours.


How does cricket betting work?

Now that you have an idea of how the sports work, it’s time to know how to place a bet in a cricket tournament. There are several types of cricket bets you can place on online casinos. Below are some of the most popular cricket betting markets you can participate in. You may already know some of these cricket bets but you may also find something new to use in your cricket online betting journey in India.

Match Betting

Match cricket betting is the most popular but also the most straightforward form of sports betting. Here, you only need to pick whether the home team or the away team will win the competition. You can also place a bet if the match will end in a draw. Because of its simple mechanics, the match betting format appeals to many beginners.

Win toss and Toss combination

You don’t need to know the cricket rules and regulations for this betting. For the win toss bet, you just need to literally pick which of the team will win the coin toss at the start of the match.  For the toss combination, on the other hand, you’ll not only pick which team will win the coin toss, but you’ll also have to predict if they are going to choose to bowl or bat first.

Completed Match

There are several factors that can influence the flow of the cricket tournament. In the completed match betting market, you are wagering on whether the match can be completed on the day that it is scheduled.

Innings Runs

This is A more advanced cricket betting market, here you are trying to correctly predict the number of runs that will be scored in the first innings. That’s so hard to make. For this reason, many cricket betting websites offer an over/under wager format. Here, the sportsbook will post a number of runs. The players then will bet on whether the actual score will go over or under the number that the cricket website gave.

Top Bowler/Batsman

For this cricket bet, you need to be familiar with the player with the skill of the cricket team. You need to select the top player who will take the most wickets or the one who will make the most goals during a match or series. This is more advance and difficult cricket betting, but when you manage to guess correctly, expect to receive high payouts.

Team of Top Batsman

This is easier to do than the previous betting market. Here, you just need to pick the team that you think the top batsman will come from.

Bowler/Batsman Match Bets

For this wager, the cricket website will give choices of two players to choose from. The goal of the player is to select the player that they think will score more runs for the batsman match bet. For the bowler match bet, on the other hand, you will need to choose from the two players who you think will take more wickets.

Tournament Outright winner

This is one of the most famous betting markets during a huge competition like the Indian Premier League IPL. This is a straightforward bet. You’ll only need to select which team in the tournament will be hailed as the winner.

Series Winner

The series winner bet is almost similar to the tournament outright winner. For this wager, you need to select the team which will come out at the top of the entire series.

Method of Dismissal

As the name suggests, the player needs to predict how the batsman team will end up dismissed. Typically, there are five instances that could stop their innings. A batsman can be caught, bowled out, run out, LBW, and stumped. But other instances may also happen. You need to pick the one that you think is how the player will be dismissed.

Odd/Even Runs

This is another straightforward cricket betting. You only need to select if the tam’s runs for a match are even or odd numbers.

Man of the Match and Player of the Series

These two titles are awarded in every series and match of major cricket tournaments. For this wager, you just need to select the player whom you think will receive the title.



How to read cricket betting odds?

If you are interested in cricket online betting, you need to know how to weigh the cricket odds. These betting odds tell the probability of the outcomes. It can also show how much you can win if you place the correct bet in a cricket match.

Now, you need to be familiar with the three types of odds in sports betting: the Decimal odds, Fractional odds, and American Odds. On many cricket websites, players can choose the way their odds are displayed. If you don’t how to do it, be sure to contact the customer service team.

Decimal odds

This is widely used on many cricket websites in India.  As the name suggests, the odds are displayed in decimal. To know the probability of the team to win you just need to divide 100 by the odds presented by the sportsbook. For example, the sportsbook gave 1.64 to team A. This means that according to the page, Team A has a 67.98 percent or 68 percent chance to win outright.

As mentioned, you can also have an idea of how much you could win by looking at the decimal odds. For you to find out, you need to multiply the decimal odds by your bet. For example, you place Rs 1000 on Team A with 1.64 odds. So when team A wins the game, you can receive (1.64×1000) Rs1640. Take note that this already includes your profit and initial bet.

Fractional odds

As the name suggests, the odds in this format is in fraction form. But in some sportsbooks, they use a hyphen (-) e.g. 3-1 to show their odds. For you to easily understand the betting odds, you can look at this form as losses/wins. So a 3/1 betting odds simply says that in every 4 occurrences (3+1), negative outcomes can happen 3 times and a positive outcome can occur 1 time.

Let’s understand the payout structure then. The formula you should use is Fractional odds x Initial bets = profits. For example, you place Rs 1000 on a team with 3/1 odds.

In the above example, 3/1 equals 3. Here, you should multiply 3 by 1000 which gives you Rs. 3000 as profit. Furthermore, you can also get back the Rs 1000 bet you initially placed as a bet.

American odds

This type of odds is usually used in international cricket betting websites. This format uses plus (+) to indicate the amount won for every 100 unit bet and minus (-) to indicate how much you need to stake to win a 100 unit bet.

For example, in +300 odds, you would win 300 units for every 100 unit bets. On the other hand, you need to bet 150 units to win 100 on betting events with odds of -150.

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Cricket Betting Tips

In any sports betting event, there is always a risk of losing money. Well, that’s how gambling works. The good news is that there are ways for players to increase their odds of winning. The following are some of the simplest yet very effective cricket betting tips that can help you make a real profit in cricket online betting.

  1. Do research All successful sports bettors make extensive research first before they place any wagers online. Pay attention to the weather forecast. Research about the pitch ground. Is their best player going to play in the game? What happened to the teams’ past matches? Research every factor that could affect the flow of the cricket tournament. Remember, knowledge equates to profits in sports betting.
  2. Choosing the right cricket betting website there are literally thousands of cricket websites vying for your attention. Unfortunately, not all these sportsbooks offer good services. There are also a few websites that will trick you and will refuse to pay your winnings when you won. While there are also others that offer good casino bonuses and will give you worthwhile cricket online betting experience in India. Be careful in choosing the website to play with. On this page, we listed down some of the most recommended and trust worthy cricket betting websites in India. Our team personally tested these websites. We haven’t encountered any issues in using their services. They also have a good number of bonuses for more lucrative playing.
  3. Comparing the odds All sportsbooks nowadays offer the odds of every cricket match. There are times that these odds vary in the different sportsbooks. Our recommendation is to read and understand what these odds say on the match. Compare it with other sportsbooks then decide which team is worth your bet. Furthermore, you can also visit sports media outlets to gather insights on the coming matches. Again, this requires good research.
  4. Manage your bankroll players who bet on cricket to win real money should practice bankroll management. A bankroll is money or the budget you set aside for cricket betting or other forms of online betting. The concept of bankroll management is straightforward but requires a lot of discipline for you to succeed. The first step is to set a budget for cricket betting. This budget should be separated from your savings or any daily expenses. When the bankroll is defined, the next step is to set rules that you should strictly follow. These rules should tell the amount you can wager for one session, or how much you can lose for the day. With proper bankroll management, you can avoid losing money that you can’t afford to lose.
  5. Who won the coin toss? Before cricket games start, a coin should be tossed and the winning captain will decide whether their team bowls or bats first. Now, a coin toss will not declare the team who will win the game. There are several factors that will influence the flow of the game. However, according to one research 34.8% of teams that win the coin toss at a test match end up winning the cricket match. Now, that will give you something to think about.

Cricket News Today

One way to increase your odds of winning is to get informed. This page will cover all cricket updates you need to know from the live scores, betting tips, and even some interesting blogs and trivia about the sports. We will also provide cricket updated news so you’ll never be lost in your betting adventure.

Here, you will find not only cricket news in Hindi but also important updates on the tournaments on the international scene. Get live updates now from the latest happenings in the major cricket tournaments such as in ODI Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, IPL, Big Bash, CPL, Blast, and much more.

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