Casino Payment

Start to Make a Deposit

All players should look for a casino site where they can deposit quickly and securely. It is also the players’ responsibility to choose the best payment methods in India for a safe transaction.  Specifically, players should choose a casino site that supports Indian Rupees for casino payment. If you don’t know what those sites are, check out our recommended online casinos.

Making an online casino deposit should be safe and straightforward if you choose the right casinos. To make your casino payment process simpler, here is the step-by-step guide in making a casino deposit.

  • Log in to your online casino account
    Obviously, you need to create an online casino account, before you can make any deposit transaction. There are a variety of casinos available online, make sure to choose trustworthy and reputable casinos.
  • Go to the site’s cashier page
    Usually, you can access this page by clicking the cashier at the top menu of the casino. Sometimes a casino also uses a dollar or wallet icon for the cashier page.
  • Select the safe deposit method
    Inside the cashier page, you’ll find the selections of supported payment methods of the casino. Choose the best payment method that will bring more convenience to you.
  • Follow the instruction
    At this point, the users will have different instructions depending on the deposit method they chose. Usually, the casino will ask for personal information and account details. If you choose an e-wallet, you may need to log in to your account and transfer your fund.
  • Wait for The Deposit To Go Through
    After completing the deposit process, you will have to wait a few moments until the money reaches your account.

In most cases, deposit processing times are almost instantaneous. But sometimes casino payment may take less than 10 minutes. This will depend on the deposit method you choose. Cryptocurrency, credit cards, and some e-wallets are good for a quick casino payment process. On the other hand, the bank transfer method is less recommended because it can take a few business days to process sometimes.

Players should also pay attention to choosing the currency. Most online casinos have a huge selection of currencies. Choose carefully because it will be difficult for you to change once you set it to your account. The good thing is that many casinos, both local and international, support casino payment via rupees.

Choose the Best Payment method

The online casino usually offers several payment methods to give its players a good number of options. However, some players especially the beginners feel overwhelmed because of the wide array of casino payment method selections. We are here to help you make that choice easier.

Depending on the option you have chosen, you can process your fund instantly. Some casino payment methods are a lot faster than others. We have tested several methods to give you the list of the best payment methods in India. Below are some of the top-rated payment options you can use at Indian casinos.

List of Payment Methods


Visa is one of the most-used payment methods in funding online casinos. It’s hardly surprising because Visa is the biggest credit card network operating not only in India but also in other parts of the world. Visa is fully supported in the online casino industry. You can even connect your account to the casino for hassle-free transactions. Just be very careful because you are required to enter your personal and bank information if you choose to use Visa.


Like Visa, Master Card is also a giant issuer of credit and debit cards. MasterCard is supported by almost all casinos in India. You can use this method in depositing and withdrawing funds from the casino. MasterCard is the perfect option for those players who wanted a safe and secure transaction.


Not all casinos support bitcoin because it is still a relatively new payment method in the online casino industry. But bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are considered to be the fastest payment method for both deposit and withdrawal transactions. Bitcoin payment also has a less transaction fee compared to other payment methods. For this reason, many consider bitcoin as the best payment methods in India. You need to own a bitcoin wallet first before you can make a bitcoin transaction.

Google Pay

Google pay or GPay is one of the most popular payment methods in India. Because it’s easy to use, many establishments also in the country accept google pay as a payment solution. But the question is can we use Gpay for payments in online casino sites? The answer is yes, several trusted online casinos accept Google pay as a  payment method.


Paytm is also widely used in online casinos in India simply because this method is more convenient for local players. The Paytm app also reached over 100 million downloads in India. It was also Paytm that pioneered the QR payment option in the country. Processing your deposit using Paytm is safe, secure, and fast.


Skrill is a globally popular e-wallet. When used in online casinos, it provides almost real-time transactions for deposit and withdrawal. Skrill and other e-wallets are also considered as the best payment methods in India because they provide safety and security to its user. You don’t need to give your bank details when you use e-wallet in making processing your fund. Transferring cash using Skrill is usually free but fees may apply when you withdraw cash from your e-wallet.


Neteller is also a well-known e-wallet company and widely used in the online gambling industry. It is among the top-choice payment method with a presence in 200 countries around the globe. Neteller is accepted for both deposit and withdrawal transactions in online casinos.


Much Better is a relatively new e-wallet, which is why not all Indian Casino support this as payment method. But recently, we have seen considerable growth in the number of players who are using MuchBetter for depositing in the online casino. The convenience and security features of this method attracted many online casino players.


Paypal once dominated the e-commerce industry. This payment method has been tested for several years. It has been proven to be very convenient, fast, and secured. This is the main reason why many players Trust Paypal to process their funds in an online casino.

When the Best Time to Withdraw

Withdrawals can be exciting when it involves winnings. But the question is: when is the right time to withdraw your money from the online casino? The answer to this question may differ depending on your strategy. If you are using small bet tactics, you can stop playing when your bankroll reaches the ratio of 1 to 1.5.  To give you an example, if you have 1000 INR original bankroll you can withdraw your winnings when it reaches 1500 INR.

Another strategy may work for some players. Some experts recommend to stop playing and withdraw the fund from the casino when your original bankroll increases two or three times.

You should also consider the casino payment processing time when withdrawing at the casino. Unlike depositing, casino withdrawal usually takes time because the casino thoroughly checks and secure all withdrawal request. Sometimes it takes five days before the money reaches your bank account.  But if you use e-wallet or cryptocurrency, the processing time will be significantly less.

You should also plan your withdrawals. You can set a day in a week or once in a month. Let say Sundays or any other days for your withdrawals. Strictly stick to your withdrawal plan and do not cross the limit of the fund transaction. You have set a limit for yourself for safety and to stay much longer on the game.

Deciding when to withdraw will depend on the preference of the players. The point is to set a limit yourself before the game starts. You shouldn’t encounter any problem in withdrawing money if you choose to play to those top-casinos we recommended.

Remember that you should keep some funds in your online casino account if you plan to play again in the future. You will need more money to play online slots or other casino games. If you withdraw all the funds available in your casino account, you won’t be able to play more. Do not withdraw all the funds at once if you want to play more.

On the other hand, if you wish to switch to another casino site, make sure you clear out your account before you sign out. You can still use these funds for gambling even though how small it is.

On whichever casino site you are gambling online, always remember to contact the casino’s customer support whenever you are in need of assistance. They will surely help you out in every way they can.