What Sports are Available for Online Sports Betting in India?

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Posted by: top24casinos
Posted on: January 13 2022

Many people are now into the trend of online casino gaming. This is the most popular pastime today and the most convenient form of entertainment for a lot of people. There are thousands of online casino games today which players can choose from. In addition to this, online casino operators have added online sports betting to their roster of games.

If you are into sports betting, technology has made it possible for you to enjoy betting on your favorite sport online. Find a trustworthy bookmaker where you can place your bets and be assured of getting the winnings you deserve.

There are a lot of online betting sites in India that offer online sports betting. Bettors can check websites with a list of reputable bookmakers to have the best online betting experience. What sports are available for online sports betting in Indian casinos? There are a lot of sports which players can bet on. There is football, horse racing, tennis, rugby, cricket, and boxing, to name some. Let us talk about these sports and find out what we can learn about online sports betting.

What online sports betting is all about

What is online sports betting? In layman’s language, online sports betting means placing bets on your favorite sport through the internet. This is a popular form of fun and entertainment among sports enthusiasts and a way for them to win money, too. There are different types of sports and other services offered by online betting websites or bookmakers. 

Getting to know bookmakers

What is a bookmaker? Bookmakers or “bookies” are those who set odds, accept bets, and place these bets for the bettors. Bookies are also the ones who pay bettors when they win. In other words, players entrust their bets to the bookmaker and wait to find out if they win at the end of a match.

Sports that allow online betting

As mentioned, there are a lot of sports that players can bet on online. However, the first and most important thing for them to do is to find a legitimate bookmaker. Playing with reputable bookies is an assurance that they will have a fair online sports betting experience. Next is to choose the sport you want to bet on. There are different sports available for players to choose from. Let us discover these sports as we progress with this article. 


Football is well-known and favored by many sports enthusiasts worldwide. This sport has won the hearts of football fans all over the world, making them sign up with legitimate bookmakers to place their bets and watch live football games. There are a lot of websites in India that offer online sports betting, including football. How do you bet on football online? Below are the steps on how to bet on football online.

  • Choose a football betting site or bookmaker – make sure that you have chosen a legitimate bookmaker that will suit your preferences and assure you of a quick payout.
  • Sign up and create an account – after selecting a bookmaker, you can now sign up with the online betting website. Create an account for free and make an initial deposit.
  • Time for you to bet – now that you have an account on your selected online sports betting website, it is time for you to place your bets. If you are familiar with online sports betting, you can go on and place your bets. However, if you’re a newbie to online sports betting, you can check out websites that offer tips and guides on how to bet on football online.
  • Collect your winnings – now that you have placed your bets, wait for the game’s outcome and collect your winnings. 


Cricket is another sport that players can bet on online. What is cricket? Cricket is a sport that makes use of a bat and a ball. It is played between two teams, each team with eleven members. Cricket is played in a field, with a 22-yard pitch at the center and a wicket at every end. Each of these wickets has two bails balanced on three stumps.  

Cricket is a game that needs a strategy. It has different formats, too. Therefore, before you decide to bet on cricket, make sure that you are knowledgeable about the game and are familiar with the game and betting strategies. When betting on a cricket betting website, players can select the type of cricket they prefer. They must be updated with the latest statistics on cricket to be able to devise the right strategy for betting. 

Other sports

Aside from the sports mentioned above, other sports are also available for online sports betting in India. Horse racing is another sport where players can bet through online casinos that accept betting on this sport. Then there is tennis. Bettors often bet for every point in a tennis match, especially in a championship match. But they can also place their bets on the player they predict will win the game or the tournament, or who will win a specific set, for that matter.

Another sport that accepts online betting is rugby. Although it is not as well-known as cricket or football, there are players and countries whose passion for the sport is overwhelming. Bettors of this sport are serious about what they are doing because the game needs comprehensive strategy and tactics. Rugby bettors enjoy a discreet market, so a certain level of privacy is maintained between the online betting website and the bettors. 

Online sports betting is also available for sports like basketball, hockey, ice skating, and a lot more. Just browse the internet for lists of these games and the online casinos in your region that offer online sports betting. 

To wrap up

Online betting on sports is becoming popular today, keeping up with other casino games like slots and live casino games. The availability of online sports betting on casino websites is a welcome innovation for sports lovers, especially those who do not only watch the games but bet on them, too. Online sports betting is a convenient way for most sports enthusiasts to enjoy their hobby or passion because they can do it in the comfort of their homes.