UK online casino industry aiming for Indian gambling market

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Posted by: top24casinos
Posted on: September 10 2020

Though UK online casino remains the most prominent gambling market in the world, many operators are planning to expand intercontinentally, eyeing the Asian region in particular. One of the main demographics they appear to have been targeting as of late is the Indian gambling market. Gambling companies from Europe appear to be keen on using Indian casinos to extend their reach in the industry. The online casino industry in India has been of specific interest, given that more and more people in India are gaining Internet access. Those interested in playing casino games online, including live casino online and the best online slots, should keep an eye out for the new developments that globalization in the casino industry will bring.

India has, for many years, remain a largely untapped market by the global gambling industry, due to gambling prohibitions as welll as new laws preventing offshore gambling companies from offering services to nationals. However, Indians can place wagers with any casinos that have operators located outside of Indian soil. Online gambling is gaining greater popularity with each passing day, as casinos have begun using different types of competitive online casino bonus to attract potential players. Now that it appears foreign investment will be entering the existing gambling market, it’s exciting to see what kind of changes and deals will be in store.

What can European casinos offer the Indian market?

Though local bookmakers are improving steadily, there’s still much to be done before they reach the heights of the biggest casino brand names in the world. The Indian market, however, is ready to avail of those services, and that’s exactly what European companies are offering. The range of available services, games, and bonuses are set to skyrocket; European casinos are known to offer over a thousand games to players across various sites. This appeals to the widest variety of players, who will be sure to find something that suits their playing preferences.

European casinos have some of the most competitive businesses globally. This means that different companies pull out all the stops to outshine their competitors to get players to come to their site, which usually entails incredibly lucrative and irresistible bonuses and promotions. Bookmakers often offer free bets to attract players. The online equivalent of this is large welcome bonuses and other offers regularly provided by the casino site. Oftentimes, a big and well-established casino can afford to pull out high stakes like this.

Gambling is a popular activity in India, through forms such as sports betting and casino games, so there’s a very large market waiting to be fully capitalized on. Business everywhere are scrambling to get their cut; the gaming market in India has gained over $350 million in US investments since 2014. The market is projected to grow at a whopping 41% every year, the gaming market being speculated to end at a value of $1.1 billion this year. Analysts also predict that there will be an estimated 630 million Indian online gamers playing.

While it’s still unclear exactly how much will change in the local market once European casinos manage to sink their teeth into the local market, what’s certain is that Indian players are going to have casinos vying for their membership with unbelieavable offers both from foreign and local fronts.

Why play at an Indian online casino?

While well-established European casinos have begun moving towards India, local casinos have been on the rise as well. Many Indian online casinos have vastly improved their services and promotions to be on par with the rest of the global scene, and have beyond achieved his. Many reputable and licensed Indian online casinos offer a wide variety of slot games, live casinos, sports betting, and more.

Aside from catching up to their European competitors in terms of site development, games, and bonuses, what’s great about Indian casinos is that they know their local audience better than any other country in the world possibly could. Aside from the pragmatic considerations of having the same language and currency, Indian casinos keep their games, offers, and news relevant to the Indian gambling market’s tastes. The addition of European competition is likely to push Indian casino development even further than it has already gone, so players shouldn’t miss out on the great chances and offers to come.