Dead Congressman’s Gambling Den was Raided in India

india raids gambling den of dead congressman
Posted by: top24casinos
Posted on: January 25 2021

A former Congressional Leader was raided and it caused the arrest of over 60 people. The Madhya Pradesh Police entered and surrounded the home of the late Dharmendra Sonkar. His brother was arrested, and guns and money were confiscated last November 7.

200 policemen joined the raid, who arrested Gajendra Sonkar a.k.a. Gajju as he was suspected to be running a gambling den. There were 17 confiscated weapons, ammunition, Rs 7.5 lakh, and “relics of deer.”

Jabalpur Superintendent said that, “The police came to know about illegal gambling from a house owned by Gajendra Sonkar. When police raided the house, 41 people were found gambling.”

While doing the raid operation, the police also uncovered a lot of weapons and ammunition, which includes pistols, carbines, revolvers, air-guns, and in-country pistols. The Sonkar brothers are going to be criminally charged.

It is not stated in the current reports how the police found out about the Gajendra Sonkar gambling den operation. However, Dharmendra, the brother of Gajendra was shot dead last March. The report came at the time when his attackers had a conflict with him because they were rivals in the same industry. Therefore, family business seems obvious. At any real money online casino, this does not exist and it is safer for the operators.

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Due to this event, India might have to shut down a gambling ring in Jabalpur, but only after a former Congressman dies.