Bonus Scam and Fake: Indian Online Casino CEO not fired

Posted by: top24casinos
Posted on: October 02 2020

The casino news article that has been circulating online claiming that a CEO of the best online casino was fired after the website lost 46 Million Rupees is fake.

According to the fake news article, a LeoVegas’ CEO named Peter loophole was immediately fired because of the incident. The article claimed that LeoVegas casino lost close to ₹80,000,000 Rupees in free spins and cash prizes because of the loophole in the bonus agreement. They added that the company has no way to get back all the losses because of the strict gambling laws in India.

The article also claimed that the loophole continues until September 29 this year. At the end of the article, the website added a link where players can use to receive there ₹30,000 worth of free spins.

The article was spotted on an Indian website which was published way back in December 2018. The exact same claim was also found in several English websites. Until now, the fake article is still available online. The article was already updated and now contains quotations and interviews from supposed to be winners.

The facts

The entire news story is a scam.  While it’s true that LeoVegas casino is considered to be one of the best online casinos in India, it is not true that their CEO was fired and no one by the name Peter Newsted is working on the company right now.

It is also fake that there are loopholes in LeoVegas bonus’ terms and conditions. Moreover, the sign up bonus casino of LeoVegas today is ₹80,000 and not ₹30,000. All new players who made a first successful deposit of at least ₹1,000 can receive the welcome bonus. However, those players who claimed the amount are required to complete a 15x wagering requirement before any withdrawal transactions can be made.

It is clear that the goal of the content is to attract new players. We discourage everyone to click or use any links provided by the website for your protection

How to protect yourself while playing in Indian online casinos?

Scammers and unscrupulous casino websites target online casino players around the world. It will be problematic for you if you fall victim to this fraud. The odds of getting back the money you lost to fraud are almost zero that is why it necessary for all players to practice extreme precaution when they play online gambling India.

There are some ways for you to keep your finances and identity safe from different fraudulent activity online. Follow the tips below for a safe casino experience.

  1. Know your Indian online casino. All quality casinos have a license to operate. When an online casino website has a license, this means that the casino is being regulated by the government. Regulators such as the Malta Gaming Authority, Isle of Man, and Alderney ensure the safety of the players and fair gaming.

To check the license go to the casino footer page and check for the regulator’s seal. Try clicking the seal. Try clicking seal, if it goes to the casino page, this means that it isn’t fae.

Until today there are many online gambling sites that operate without any license. We discourage anyone to play in this type of casino. You’ll just expose yourself from a great risk if you do.

  1. Read the bonus terms and conditions. The terms and conditions set the rules that players must agree to in order to use their website or claim the bonus amount. When you read the terms and conditions, find information about the hidden fees, reasons you might forfeit winnings, or other potential drawbacks before you claim the bonus.
  2. Look for the lock icon in the URL. When an Indian online casino website has a “lock” icon displayed before the URL it means that the website has Secure Socket Layer encryption. The SSL handles and encrypts all the information including your location, phone number, credit card number, and other private information you give to the website.
  3. Be careful in downloading the casino software. Casino apps may give hackers and other unscrupulous people an opportunity to know your passwords or other information about you. Be careful in downloading any casino apps online. If it’s a requirement to download an application before you can claim, be sure to only download the app on the casino’s official page.
  4. Beware of unrealistic casino bonuses. There are many bonuses that are too good to be true. Never claim this amount. Chances are you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings in these bonuses or there are hidden fees you have to pay.
  5. Know your sources. The best way to protect yourself from any fraudulent activity online is by being informed. Starting reading reviews, news, or other casino updates. Beware of those fishy websites that publish fake stories. Here at top24casinos, you can assure that all our bonuses and articles are updated and verified. Read our casino blogs daily to be guided in your online casino journey.