What to do when an online casino in India refuses to pay? 

online casino refuses to pay
Posted by: top24casinos
Posted on: December 08 2020

Imagine you spend hours in online casino sites playing online slot games. You made hundreds of spins before lady luck decided to be your friend and gave you a jackpot. Of course, you’re happy and decided to withdraw your winnings.  Unfortunately, the Indian casino denied your withdrawal request and refused to pay out money. In this part, lady luck couldn’t help you anymore. So, what should you do in this situation?

This is a fear of many punters who play casino online with real money. Unfortunately, a bad situation like this occurs more often than you know. This happens not only in online casino in India but also in other parts of the world. If you visit a gambling forum or other casino news websites, you’ll find many cases like this.

Why online casino won’t pay your winnings?

Unlike popular belief, the refusal of payment of an online casino site isn’t always because they are trying to cheat. There are times also that even trusted online casinos don’t pay their members.  In fact, most of the cases you’ll read on the online forum are caused only by misunderstandings and were solved with the help of third-party websites. In most cases, the casino has legitimate reasons why the casino is refusing to pay out winnings. However, there is no denying that there is an unscrupulous online casino website that finds a loophole to not pay the player.

There can be several reasons for the refusal of payment online happens. The following are some of the most common reasons why an online casino website in India denies your withdrawal.

 Breaching of website terms

All online casinos in India have terms and conditions page. This page contains all the rules that a player should abide by before the players can use the websites’ services. In most online casinos in India, the terms and conditions are presented before a player can make a casino account.

Perhaps you recognize some of the famous lines “I agree to the website’s terms of services and privacy policy”.  Only when the player put check in the box they can proceed to the casino. While the terms and conditions page usually contains thousands of text, you should have to find time reading and understanding the website’s terms. Below are summaries of some rules that you could find in casino’s terms and condition page:

  1. False account information
  2. Duplicate accounts
  3. Use of VPN
  4. Age requirements
  5. Use of someone else credit card account.

When you accidentally broke these rules, it’s enough reason for the website to not pay your winnings. The worse thing that could happen is that the casino website bans you to use their services.

Misunderstood bonus terms

Aside from the casino online gambling website terms and condition page, there are also separate terms for bonuses. This is found on the promotion page and describes how can you use the advertised bonus. Inside these terms are the wagering conditions. If you claim the bonus, you should follow these before making any withdrawals.

The wagering requirements tells a number of times you have to play through the bonus before you are able to withdraw any winnings. Moreover, some bonuses can only be used on certain types of games. All these information are listed at Bonus terms and conditions.

Too big or too small withdrawal request

This is not serious and if you play on trusted online casinos, you shouldn’t encounter any problem in withdrawing your winnings.

All online casinos have a withdrawal limit. This is the minimum and maximum amount you can withdraw in every transaction every day or for the whole month. You should make sure that the amount that you have requested is in between the withdrawal limits. This information is also discussed on the terms and conditions page, FAQ page, and sometimes on the about page.  You can also ask for the customer service about this.

If your withdrawal request winnings go above the website withdrawal limit for the day, your request shall be denied. But don’t worry. It doesn’t mean you will not get your winnings. You only need to schedule your withdrawals base on the wagering limit.

How can you get your winnings when dealing with unreliable casinos?

Refusing to payout sometimes means that the casino is fraudulent and is trying to cheat you. They may give you some flimsy excuses or maybe ban you on their website for no reason at all. If this is the case for you, the question arises – is there a way for you to get your winnings?

Unfortunately, the answer depends on the type of website you are dealing with. If the website still care about their reputation online, there might be a chance to get your money. The following are few steps you could make in dealing with these situations.

Taking screenshots of your online gambling activity

If you play casino online with real money, taking screenshots of your activity a good practice. Take screenshots of the bonus, your balance, your account, your transaction history. If possible, record your winning moments. These videos and images can be useful when you ask the casino the reasons why you cannot withdraw your winnings. It could also be proof when things went serious.

Contact customer support

Online casinos in India usually provided a way for the customer to reach their customer support. It can be through mail, live chat, or phone call. Try reaching out for their customer service. If possible, show also your documents and screenshots.   By contacting the customer service you’ll also have a background of what might be the reasons why the casino refuses to pay. Hopefully, they can help you withdraw your winnings.

Contact the Gambling Commission

If the casino website has a legitimate license, contacting its regulator may help you with your problem. Some regulators take action on players’ complaints. To receive a gambling license, the website must possess good character, honesty, and integrity. If the regulator learns about the complaints they may lose their license. A casino that cares about its reputation won’t allow this to happen. There’s a chance that you could get your winnings.

Hire a lawyer

This is an expensive move because you will need to hire a lawyer who specializes in international law. But before you file a complaint legally, there will be a consultation between you and your lawyer. Here you need to show all your documents, screenshots and tell everything that happened. It is important to be honest with your lawyer so they can give you the right insight into your situation.

Ask in online gambling forums

Nowadays, there are many reputed forums where you can share your concerns and problems. Some websites can force casino operators to take action with complaints. We have read several cases where a third party website became a mediator to solve problems with withdrawals.