Tips to Win Teen Patti at Indian Casinos

Posted by: top24casinos
Posted on: April 16 2021

Online casino gaming has become popular these days. Due to health restrictions, most of us are forced to stay indoors, so we play online casino games to amuse ourselves. This is precisely the reason why new online gaming operators are popping up every now and then all over the world, even in India.

One particular online casino game is Teen Patti. So far, this is the most popular and widely played online casino game as far as Indian casino gaming is concerned. What is Teen Patti? What must you understand about it so you can play the game correctly and enjoy it? Let us try answering these questions by considering these tips on how to play Teen Patti at Indian casinos.

Getting to know Teen Patti

The term Teen Patti means “three-card.” Teen Patti is a type of card game whose origin is traced back to the Indian subcontinent. It is popular across South Asia, too. The game is patterned after poker and the English game of three-card brag and is a simplified version of three-card poker. Some areas also call it a flash or flush.  

How is the game played? Usually, 3 to 6 players are needed for this card game. It uses a single pack with 52 cards, without jokers, just like any other rummy and poker games. Teen Patti starts with the players placing their bets, agreeing upon a fixed amount for the bet before the cards are distributed. The boot amount will then be collected from the players and placed in the middle of the table, kept in a pot. Each player will be given three cards, face down.

Next, the players will then make a call or raise. It is just like playing poker. The only difference is that with Teen Patti, the bets must be of an equal amount. The amount of the stake continues to grow as the game progresses. The player who stays throughout the game and or has the best or highest hand is the winner.

Important things to consider when playing Teen Patti

There are essential things to consider when playing real money online casino games like Teen Patti. Taking note of these tips will help players understand the game better, especially those who are playing the game for the first time.

Choose legitimate online casino operators

If you consider playing online casino games, take note of this. With many online casino operators popping up, it is vital to make sure that you choose the best online gaming websites. Legitimate online gaming websites are licensed to operate. Players are assured that their bets will be protected. They also come with 24/7 support open to all players. Be aware that phony online gaming websites exist and that they are aimed at getting your money.

Be familiar with the game

Familiarizing yourself with the game does not just apply with Teen Patti but to all other online casino games. You do not want to get into something without knowing everything there is to know about it, right? Remember that you will be betting real money. Don’t just go playing and betting without knowing how the game is played. Understanding the game and being familiar with its rules will increase your chances of winning, and you will know if something is wrong is happening with the game. This will help you devise a strategy on how to succeed in this game. Like in a relationship, you must get to know each other properly before going on to the next stage.

Playing blind 

Some players play blind at the first few rounds of the game as a strategy. Playing blind gives them the chance to study the other players. This makes you feel a certain degree of confidence, making the other players feel inferior.  

Begin with small bets

It is not good to start with big bets. Start the game by placing small bets until you get the “feel” of the game. You can always increase your bets gradually as the game progresses. This will make you enjoy and stay in the game longer.

Set a budget

This means setting aside a particular amount as a gambling bet. This will manage your finances and discipline you to play within your limits. Once the amount you have prepared for your online gambling is used up, stop. Be wise in spending your money on online casino games.

Do not be disappointed

This often happens if you do not do well during the first few rounds of Teen Patti. Losing a few rounds does not mean you will lose throughout. Formulate a strategy and boost your confidence.

Winding Up

People find ways on how to entertain themselves, being cooped-up inside their homes and all. Hence they turn to online casino gaming. However, make sure that you are playing with the right casino operators and that you are aware of the rules and mechanics of the game.