Experts’ Predictions for Online Betting India in 2021

Predictions for Online Betting
Posted by: top24casinos
Posted on: January 28 2021

This year holds a lot of promise for online casino players. The industry is booming, and India in particular is becoming a hotspot for online gambling innovation and activity. You can enjoy free online gambling and win free casino money with just the push of a button. Here are some predictions for online betting India this coming 2021.

Changes in Indian gambling laws

Gambling laws in India have a quality of strangeness and are somewhat inconsistent. In 2014, the Sikkim state government approved the first online gambling license in the country. From then on, online gambling in India experienced rapid growth. In 2018, the revenue for the entire gambling industry was 44 billion INR. Many analysts tracking this progression expect that the number will shoot up to 250 billion INR by the end of 2024. This means that the local gambling industry is definitely one worth watching.

However, to this day gambling remains an illegal activity in most of the country’s regions. Sikim is one of the most accommodating states when it comes to gambling. However, this has not curbed the industry from growing significantly, because online betting is still legal through offshore online casinos. As long as these online casinos operate outside of Indian territory, nothing is stopping players from visiting their sites, especially if they have access via VPN.

On the other hand, each individual state has the autonomy to regulate various aspects of the local gambling industry within their territory as they see fit. There are exceptions, however, when it comes to lottery and horse racing. Overall, however, it is best to take note of the fact that online casinos in India move smoothly within a grey area.

India’s gambling industry in 2021

There does not seem to be anything in the way of India’s online gambling market for the year of 2021. Now that the Indian demographic has caught the eye of casino businesses all over the world, there will be a better gambling landscape with more advanced, more generous options available for Indian players.

One of the trends to look forward to is the rise of mobile gambling within India. Since more and more people have access to smartphones today, this opens the doors to provide a whole new group of people with gambling services anytime, anywhere. It’s likely that in 2021, almost all online casinos will have developed their own comfortable, easy to use gambling apps available on mobile devices. With these mobile gambling apps, players will have full access to a casino’s complete range of services. They can play on mobile, as well as do all necessary deposit and withdrawal transactions straight from their phones.

Another thing to be on the look out for is an increase in the number of payment options you can choose when doing money transfers with an online casino. Cryptocurrency laws in India are just as tumultuous as their gambling ones. In 2020, however, the Indian crypto market won their case against the Reserve Bank of India, which is why diital currency holders are celebrating a significant victory. Cryptocurrency has drastically risen in popularity all over the globe. For this reason, online casinos have already begun to accept transactions through cryptocurrency. Some online casinos are specialized to accommodate cryptocurrency only. For example, a casino may only deal in Bitcoin.

There are also a number of technological advancements on the horizon promising to make the online gambling experience even more exhilarating and immersive. Though only three Indian states allow legal casino gambling, things like virtual reality will soon allow people outside of those states a similar gambling experience. Even if one resides in a state where gambling is not the promise of virtual reality gambling will make online gambling feel more realistic and exciting, which is great for those who want to land based casino experience but are without the means to attain it.

While these predictions are among the most popular, it’s also important o know that there are talks of many more developments underway. The year has only just begun, so we’re sure that there are bigger, better announcements within the online gambling community to come within just a few months. Keep your eyes peeled and get ready for an exciting year.