Best Casinos Online Trends and Projections for 2021

Casinos Online Trends
Posted by: top24casinos
Posted on: January 12 2021

All over the world but especially in India, online gambling has vastly expanded as an industry, going beyond what we used to think was the limit of possibility largely due to rapid developments in technological and virtual innovation. The best online gaming websites in India are easily accessible from your desktop, laptop, or even mobile device through casino applications. You can play real money online casino at the best casinos online, thanks to online gaming growth providing gamblers with a wide variety of casino operators and games from the best software providers in the industry.

Europe in particular has seen immense online gambling development, as many of the countries from this continent remain on top in the global market for online gambling. These countries include the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and more. The gambling relationship between European and Asian based companies is also steadily becoming stronger. Many Asian game developers and casinos are able to now enter the infamously strict European market now that they have proved their quality enough to obtain a Malta Gaming Authority license. The MGA is one of the most meticulous gaming regulation bodies in the world. Asian companies being able to obtain a license from them does not only allow them to expand their market to a whole new continent, but also emphasizes the quality of their products and service to gamblers, as well as fellow operators and providers all over the world.

Likewise, the European market is also looking to expand in Asia, giving particular interest to the Indian online gambling demographic because of the large number of players in the country. Many European countries, especially those in the UK, consider India a market with widely untapped potential, and now that online gambling has begun rapidly developing in the country, there would be no better time for them to enter the playing field than right now.

The European Betting and Gaming Association (EBGA) speculates that innovations in technology are what allowed European customers to play on online gaming sites from anywhere in the world anytime the want. This betting association also reported the Eurpean online gambling market’s annual growth of 10%. In 2018, EUR22 billion was the gross gaming revenue of the entire European continent’s industry. This value is expected to rise to EUR29.3 billion by 2022.

Why is the EU online gambling market growing so fast?

The European continent is home of the most notoriously strict licensing authorities in the entire world. The EBGA, the MGA, and the UK Gambling Commission all operate with transparency and fairness, only giving licenses to the most reputable, trustworthy, and well-established online gambling platforms. This gives players the confidence to explore their options and place large bets on websites approved by this bodies. With a license from any of these authorities, players know that they are well-protected by world class gambling regulation and can expect to be given the highest caliber of games and services.

Another reason for the European gambling market’s rapid development is the introduction of mobile gambling websites. Many gambling platforms are choosing to release mobile-first sites instead of traditional online gaming sites, which seems to have tapped into and appealed to a new audience. In 2018 half of all online gambling bets were through mobile devices. In Finland, for example, a record of 10% growth in mobile gambling was documented. This is proof that mobile gaming is generating large amounts of revenue to Europe’s gambling market.

What are game plan enhancements?

Gambling websites are aiming to enter mobile gaming, which means they must create high dentition games that work for smartphones in order to retain visual appeal. This has become more and more popular in recent years, heightening the urgency for games to provide high definition graphics and animation for their games as well as their website interface. Live betting is one aspect of game plan enhancement, as more providers are looking to improve the streaming quality of live betting.

UK leading the gambling rise

The UK’s online gambling scene is built on private providers and thrives within an immensely competitive market environment. The UKGC, formed as a result of the Gambling Act of 2005, enforces strict regulations to make sure gamblers online are safe when they place bets and give money to particular sites.

Augmented reality

Enhanced reality casinos are one thing players can look forward to when it comes to future technological innovation. For more immersive casino gaming experiences, expect this technology to take off by 2021. Try a 3D and 360-degree immersive gaming experience that feels almost real.