All About Martingale’s Casino System

Posted by: top24casinos
Posted on: March 31 2019

All players in casino games are on the hunt to find the good system that will earn money and eventually continue the winning strike. One of the most used and among the first systems in gambling is Martingale’s. It was invented in the 18th century by John Henry Martingale, who owned few gambling pubs at that time. While the system can be applied in almost all games, it found is use mostly in craps or roulette games. No matter what game you are planning to use this strategy in, the training is a must if you want to apply it successfully.


It is based on the negative progression and it basically says that no one can lose forever. The principle lays on increasing the bets while you are losing, while decreasing it every time a player wins the bet. The use of this system is very easy as you can see – all you do is to double the bet if you lose, and if you win, the goal is to go back to the starting unit. This strategy is known to all players and it showed great results, in all games pretty much. Of course, depending on the game and circumstances, there are a couple of variations


There are several versions, including mini, classic, grand, and anti-Martingale. The classic one is as described above, where you place bets on just one color. Each color has 18 numbers, while 0 or 00 if American roulette, do not give the player any profit as these are not colored. Mini Martingale is the same as the classic, with the difference that bets have limits, which prevent the player from spending too much. Generally, this strategy works for players as they slowly increase their bets in case of losing.

Grand version an aggressive approach, where you add extra bet to the whole sum, instead of just doubling it. The idea is to generate a larger profit to cover all the previous loses. Anti-Martingale is the reverse system where you double your bet in case of win. The players can score big amounts of money, but even better they can win several consecutive wins that give a lot of profit. This is the least safe strategy but it can generate large amounts of money, especially in case of consecutive wins.


While it is great strategy both for rookie and professional players, this strategy is great for short term wins, but it can also be good for long term wins. The negative progression allows players to increase bets slowly, preventing the possibility of losing all your money. The greatest disadvantage is that no one can guarantee you will not lose money through this system. It is actually based on the rule that no one can lose forever. Eventually, after the set of consecutive loses, it is inevitable that win comes and that is the catch – to catch the moment when you can make it up for all the previous loses.