8 simple online gambling strategies for newbies

Posted by: top24casinos
Posted on: September 27 2021

Playing online gambling games can be a lucrative hobby but it can also be very risky. Well, that’s how gambling works. And avid players really love this situation and even get high despite losing the game. Of course, winning and earning profits from Indian casinos have always been the goal of gamblers. To help you with that, we gather here some of the simplest yet most effective strategies to help you more in online casinos.

We are not talking about technical game strategies. This guide consists of very simple gambling tips that even newbies can follow. With these strategies, you can win more and stay in the game much longer.

Set a casino bankroll and manage them effectively

Bankroll refers to the fund that is intended solely for your gambling activity. The bankroll is the amount you are willing to risk. The size of your bankroll will depend on your financial status. What you need to remember is that this fund should be separated from your saving or other money you intend to use to pay your bills. Any players who play casino online games should set a bankroll and manage them smartly.

There are several bankroll management systems you can use. The most recommended for newbies is the fixed unit size model. This tells how much money you can place as a wager in every round. Here, you need to choose a unit size between 1% to 5% of your entire bankroll. The amount of bet will not change regardless of whether the bankroll grows or not.

There is also a more flexible model which is called percentage model strategies. If you use this model the percentage is fixed and not your wager. The amount of bet changes day-to-day as your bankroll grows or shrink.

Setting a win limit or loss limit is also useful in bankroll mismanagement strategy. These are simply the amount that right time to stop playing. The win limit is the maximum amount you can win every session while the loss limit is the minimum amount you can lose for the day. If you reached these amounts, it is time for you to hit the exit and call it a day.

Take advantage of the casino bonuses

All Indian casinos offer bonuses and online casino free credits to reward their members. If you wanted to be a successful gambler, you need to know all types of online casino bonuses. For instance, all online casino sites have welcome bonuses that are rewarded to new members after creating a casino account. The welcome bonus is the largest bonus you can claim at online casinos in India.

There is also a no-deposit bonus which is like fremoney. You can claim this from the casino site without the need of transferring any amount into your account. What makes this bonus really special is that you can withdraw your winning after you completed the wagering requirements.

Play only at trustworthy Indian casinos

There are literally thousands of online casinos right now, but not all of them are equal. Some offer more bonuses and more choices of gambling games online than other websites. If you want to be a successful gambler, you only need to identify a trustworthy website and only transact with them.

Here at top24casinos, we have listed top casinos online in India. We thoroughly reviewed these online casino sites and gave them a good rating. They acquired a legitimate license from international regulators and offer good selections of bonuses and casino online games. You can expect to be treated well if you sign up for an account on any of our recommended Indian casinos.

Know the casino game house edge

There are tons of casino games you can play in both online and land-based casinos. But not all of those casino games pay equally. As a player, it is also your responsibility to know your odds in every game and every bet. One important strategy is to find odds that are as close as possible to even. They call this the true odds.

One way to increase your odds of winning is to understand the concept of housed edge. The house edge is the percentage of bet returned to the casino over a long period of gaming. Obviously, Games with a high house edge will pay out less on average over time. Some casino games with the lowest house edge include blackjack, baccarat, and some slot machines.

Beware of side bets

Side bets in table games usually offer the highest payout when won. But we discourage newbies to bet on these side bets, especially if you are not familiar with the game yet.  As a matter of fact, side bets can increase the game house edge.

Let us give you an example. In a three-card poker game, pair plus bet increases the house edge by more than 3 percent. Furthermore, placing a bet on the 6-card bonus side bet raises your house edge by over 7 percent.

As we mentioned, you should keep your house edge as low as possible if you want to win at online casinos

Make smaller bets

Many gambling guides online encourages players to bet more. Ignore this kind of online gambling advice if you are a newbie. Unless the casino requires you to bet larger, we suggest keeping your bet low. You can stretch out your game time by placing smaller bets. And the longer your play and place wager the more times you should win. The higher you bet, the faster you lose if you make a wrong wager.

Play free games to practice

If you are a newbie to online gambling, you should know that online casinos in India also offer free games. Playing these free versions allows you to be familiar with the rules and gameplay of the game without the risk of losing money. You can also test your strategies in free casino games.

 Learn the game rules

You need to understand how the game works to come up with a game strategy. Do your homework. Research and familiarize yourself with the game. Read casino blog. Watch a video tutorial.  I know this will take you a lot of time, but have patience. The more you know, the more chances you can make the right decision.

The takeaways

The fun of gambling comes from the risk and overcoming it using your gambling strategies. The online gambling tips we mentioned will help you win more in online casinos. Practice your strategy and don’t also forget to have fun.