3 Red Flags of Fake Online Casinos

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Posted on: December 22 2021

In order to keep you and your money safe, here are three red flags of fake online casinos that will help you avoid losing your hard-earned money.

Despite the rise in popularity of online gaming, there are still many people who have never heard of virtual casinos or poker rooms. In fact, a current study found that only a small percentage of people worldwide have ever gambled online. That may be great news for those who enjoy playing their favorite casino game at home or on a mobile device. Still, it also means they’re in the minority when it comes to understanding what’s possible and what isn’t with regard to casino gambling these days.

Believe it or not, the number of internet casino players has risen significantly over the past decade. The growth in popularity of gambling online is probably due to the ease with which players can place bets. Instead of dealing with long lines at a casino, waiting in a taxi line after a long night of gambling, or having to stay aboard a cruise ship for an extended period of time just to play your favorite game, you can simply sit back and enjoy the rich experience provided by online casinos in India.

Many people are still very skeptical when it comes to online casinos. Still, many others see them as reliable and worthwhile ventures that provide them with an outlet they would otherwise be unable to enjoy. With the growing number of people making their way to various online casinos every day, it’s only natural that casinos would try to differentiate themselves from the competition in any way that they can, but there are a few ways in which online casinos are stepping over the line and potentially becoming fake.

Copied Website Designs

By using very similar designs, online casinos often try to appear more legitimate. While there is nothing wrong with having an online platform that has a very similar design to other popular websites, it does make them seem less unique. One of the biggest red flags in this area is when a player finds that a part of the layout follows very closely to an existing one. For example, if you look at the homepage of a website and notice that it basically consists of identical sections, then something isn’t quite right with what you are seeing.

Lack of Funds Information

Another common red flag when it comes to fake online casinos is their lack of information related to player funds. One of the most conspicuous signs of fake online casinos is when players cannot find any information regarding where their money has been sent or where it has been held.

One common practice among online casinos is placing restrictions on withdrawals while a player is in the middle of a bonus. A player who has not read the full terms and conditions of a bonus before accepting any money could be in for an unpleasant surprise if they choose to withdraw their winnings before they have met all of the requirements. If an online casino is offering a generous welcome offer, then you should be able to withdraw your money as soon as you feel like it without being forced to stay there for longer than necessary.

Missing License and Customer Service

Having a license is crucial for online casinos; thus, if you find one without a license — RUN! There are several licenses that online casino operators should obtain, and the license to operate is one of them. Do understand that even fake casinos work fine at some point. This is to avoid drawing attention to their fake site. Of course, their site won’t stay up for long if they scam every player that goes to their site.

A casino website that operates without decent customer service is also a no-no. If a player is having issues and complications within the online casino, customer service is his first go-to. Missing customer service is as shady as anonymous online promoters. Avoid them.

While this list of red flags is by no means an exhaustive list, it will nonetheless provide you with a better idea of what you can look out for when playing at online casinos.

Some of these so-called red flags may be a bit vague and hard to put your finger on just yet, but if you follow our advice, then you’ll be able to spot the signs before it’s too late. If there are any casinos that do not appear suspicious in any way, then we recommend that you take advantage of their bonus offer and make your first deposit today. You won’t regret it!