How to start with Online Casinos in India?

So, you decided to play in an online casino? That’s great. Perhaps you saw your friends playing, or maybe you were attracted by some hefty bonuses and jackpot. Indeed, casino gambling can be a very lucrative entertainment, but it can also be a very risky place at the same time. Hence you need to pick only the trusted online casinos in India. We will be your casino guide.

So, how to play casino in India? Before you start your online casino gambling journey, the first step is to know which safe casino online suits you the best. Are you more of a slot player? Or do you love live dealer games more? This is important because casino websites have a different specialty when it comes to game offerings. Top casinos online in India offer more games than other casino sites.

You can also check the casino’s trustworthiness by contacting customer services. The customer service team of the casino can give casino guides if you need help on their website. You can do this through email or phone call, but for us, the casino sites that have live chat support are the best. These casinos can respond and help you with your inquiries faster.

Finally, check the casino security feature. A trusted online casino has a legal license to operate. You can also check if the casino site uses SSL encryption. These security features help you have a safe casino online experience by keeping your bank information and other private detail safe from hackers. Scroll down for more casino gambling guides.

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How to register at Casino and start playing?

Many online casinos in India offer a practice mode where you can play online casino games without spending any amount. While you can have a lot of fun playing for free in this mode, don’t expect that you can get any amount from your winnings. If you want to win real money while playing casino games, you need to discipline yourself.

Before you can start playing in any Indian casinos, you will need to create your gaming account where you store or transfer your fund. Here’s the good news for you: registering for an Indian Casino account is a straightforward process. And we will make that even simpler with our guide.

Registering for online betting India shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes. However, please take note that the registration process also involves several security steps that cannot be skipped. Our casino guide will show you how exactly it is done. Here is how you can register with the best Indian casinos:

Step 1: Pick one online casino from our list of top casino sites. These online casinos in India are handpicked by our team. Rest assured that these casinos are completely safe and secured for payments via credit cards or other. These casino sites have met our high criteria.

Step2: Go to the registration page and fill out all of the required information accurately. These may include your email and personal details like your full name, current address, telephone number, and security question.

Step3: Verify your identity. You may need to open your email address and confirm the message that the casino sent. Other casinos, however, will ask you to provide valid IDs.

Step4: Choose your payment options. When your account is successfully verified, some casinos will require you to choose your payment methods. Remember that you can get a welcome online casino bonus on your first deposit.

Take note that you are not allowed to have more than one player account in an online casino. This is done to avoid abusing the online casino bonuses. If the casino operator found out that you have more than an account, they will your winning and deactivate your account.

24/7 Play with the best Indian Online Casino

One of the great things you will enjoy in an online casino is its availability. Unlike some land-based casinos, you can access the top casinos online anytime and anywhere you like. All the online casinos in India that we recommend are available 24/7. You don’t have to worry about holidays or weekend. You just need an internet connection, smartphone or a computer and you’re good to go. Follow our casino guide so you won’t encounter any problem while playing in Indian online casinos.

The customer support team is also reachable anytime you need help. The best Indian online casino offers live chat support for its members. With this method, any inquiries can be answered almost instantly. Online casinos’ customer supports are also very professional. They know how the industry works, so you’ll get the answer you need.

The best thing in playing in top casinos onlineare the incentives and casino gifts you can get. Instantly after you create a casino account, members can get sign up bonus casino which usually doubles your initial deposits. With these bonuses, you can stay in the game much longer and boost your bankroll easily. Top24casinos also offer a comprehensive casino guide about bonuses and promotions. Be sure to check our casino bonus page so you’ll only get the best bonuses available in Indian online casinos.

Guide to Make Deposit and Withdrawal in India

Nothing beats the thrill of playing in an online casino using real money. You can only do that by depositing funds on your gaming account. But you don’t have to worry because the process of depositing funds to your casino account is usually simple.

The depositing process  to your casino is similar to online shopping. Just imagine you are buying casino chips that you will use to play games instead of clothing or gadgets. To start depositing funds, you need to go to the cashier page of the casino. Here you will see the list of payment of methods that the casino supports.

If you plan to use a credit or debit card, you will be asked to give your card number, security code, and other important details. On the other hand, if you choose electronic wallets like Paypalor Skrill, you will be linked to the e-wallet’s official page. You will need to log in to your account and transfer your fund to the casino. Other casinos also support cryptocurrencies as your payment method. Here, you have to get the casino’s bitcoin receiving address and use your cryptocurrency wallet to send bitcoins to the casino.

Let say you won some amount, of course, you would want to withdraw these from the casino. The process of withdrawing your winnings from the casino is almost similar when you deposit your gambling funds. Again go to the cashier page, select your method of payment, enter the amount, and follow the instruction. Usually, it takes a few days before you can receive the amount.

There are many ways for you to process your funds in the casino. Some banking methods are faster than others. If you want to make the most of it, you have to be smart and pick the best payment methods in India. Read our detailed casino guide so you won’t make any mistakes.

Indian Regulations for Casino

Every institution needs schematic rules to operate. The gaming industry is no different. Like most countries in the Asia Pacific, India also implements strict gambling regulations. Gambling in India is prohibited except for lotteries and horse racing.

The Indian casino is regulated according to the IGRA, the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act which came in force in the year 1988. IGRA was passed by Congress and signed by Ronald Reagan which gave allowance to the tribes to make casino-like halls but the power of Indian casino regulation lies in the hands of the Federal Government.

In India, legislation relating to gambling is the Public Gaming Act of 1867. The said act prohibits running casinos and public gaming house. The penalty for breaking this law results in a fine of rupees 200 or up to 3 months imprisonment.

While selective gambling categories are strictly prohibited in the country, online casino rules and regulations still unclear. The Public Gaming Act of 1867 doesn’t state anything about online casinos. The reason is that the internet wasn’t yet invented when the law was introduced.

The Information Technology Act of 2000 is another act that can be considered related to online casino rules and regulations. However, the act didn’t state specifically the online gambling being illegal. Maharashtra is the only state that clearly banns offline and online gambling under the “Bombay Wager Act”.

There are 29 states in India and out of which, only three states consider Casino as legal. The said three states are Goa, Sikkim, and Daman. These states run licensed casino sites in India.

Until the year 1999, the casinos were totally banned in all states, Goa is the first state to permit Casino Gaming, other states also followed the Goa’s initiative to attract tourists and encourage tourism.

Indian Online Casino FAQs


Online Betting India is in a grey zone. While most of the betting and gambling forms are prohibited in the country, there is no law that makes online casino illegal.


Many hackers consistently target casino sites online but your money should be perfectly safe if you choose to play with trusted online casinos especially the ones we recommend. Those recommended sites have passed our high criteria. You can assure that these online casinos have good security measures to protect their players. Follow also our casino guides so you won’t encounter any problem.


Definitely yes. There are healthy numbers of casino games online that are compatible with any mobile devices.


Bonuses are basically incentives offered by a casino to attract or rewards the players for their activity. All decent casinos offer a variety of online casino bonuses from simple signup bonuses and free credits to more complicated  VIP programs.


Yes, there is an age requirement before you can play in an online casino. The age restriction depends on the Indian casino operator.  But usually, you should be at 18 or 21 before you can access Indian online casinos. You can visit the terms and conditions page of the casino site to learn its age restriction.